Elon Musk chooses perfect venue to condemn one-world government: ‘The whole thing may collapse’

February 16, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: The Blaze


Elon Musk used an unlikely forum this week to protest the formation of a single global government: the “World Government Summit.”

Speaking at the conference in Dubai via remote signal, Musk warned that a one-world government creates “a civilizational risk” that could result in the collapse of modern society.

“I know this is called the ‘World Government Summit,’ but I think we should be a little bit concerned about actually becoming too much of a single world government,” Musk said.

“If I may say, we want to avoid creating a civilizational risk by having — frankly, this may sound a little odd — too much cooperation between governments,” he added.

Musk explained that throughout history civilizations have risen and fallen. But neither their rise nor their fall “meant the doom of humanity as a whole because there’ve been all these separate civilizations that were separated by great distances.”

Specifically, Musk cited the rise of Islam in the Middle East and the simultaneous fall of the Roman Empire, probably referring to the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantine Empire, which ultimately fell to the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. He observed that this separation of empires led to the preservation of knowledge and advancement of science.

“I think we want to be a little bit cautious about being too much of a single civilization because if we are too much of a single civilization, then the whole thing may collapse,” Musk went on to say.

“I’m obviously not suggesting war or anything like that. But I think we want to be a little bit wary of actually cooperating too much,” he said. “It sounds a little odd, but we want to have some amount of civilizational diversity such that if something does go wrong with some part of civilization that the whole thing doesn’t collapse and humanity keeps moving forward.”

Not only does Musk believe that a one-world government threatens society and humanity, but he has previously warned that “civilization will crumble” if people do not start having more children.