End Droughts with Weather Control: Interview with Prof. Pulinets

May 10, 2015 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Source: LaRouche PAC
Benjamin Deniston
Wednesday, May 6, 2015

“Weather control? Yes, it is really possible!” This is the title of a March 25, 2009 article by Professor Sergey Pulinets, published in Russia Beyond the Headlines.

Atmospheric ionization systems have been successfully used to increase precipitation, and affect associated weather processes. This has been done in multiple locations around the world, cumulatively for three decades. With a further development of these technologies the droughts in California and other locations around the world could be overcome in a completely new way: by the management of the water resources of the sky!

Professor Pulinets is a space physicist who has developed a specialty in the science of the precursors manifested prior to earthquakes. This has led him to develop an understanding of the effects associated with increasing and decreasing atmospheric ionization, including the influence on weather. Based on this background Professor Pulinets was included in a scientific committee tasked to assess the capabilities of weather control systems in Mexico which utilized electrically induced atmospheric ionization to increase precipitation. From this investigation and further development of the theories involved, Professor Pulinets has been promoting the development of this technology.

The Oregon Cascades off in the distance. Note the rippling and all the holes in the fairly thin overcast. Symmetry very frequently accompanies this kind of weather modification. Where one hole can be found a compliment (hole or bulge) will be near by.

For more on the use of atmospheric ionization systems to increase precipitation, see Atmospheric Moisture Control.

Here is a presentation by Professor Pulinets which includes his work on earthquake precursors.