Exclusive: How Biden botched the border

February 13, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge


TUESDAY, FEB 13, 2024 – 04:45 AM

Axios is out with a damning report.

Apparently in January of 2023, President Biden completely lost his shit on Air Force One, “exploding” with rage at his team during a discussion on immigration because they couldn’t produce obscure data on demand.

The key takeaway is that, “infighting, blame-shifting and indecision” has gotten in the way of fixing the migrant crisis (they created).

In short, Biden and his temper are to blame for the border crisis, and his team is a bunch of morons.

Biden’s fury subsided, and aides scrambled for the information he wanted. People in the meeting later told others in frustration that his winding process and irritability were making it more difficult to reach decisions about the border. –Axios

What’s more, “The rolling chaos along the border has grown to the point that Biden now is embracing immigration policies he ran against in 2020 — such as restricting asylum laws and suggesting he’ll “shut down” the border — as the crisis threatens his re-election.”

According to the report, as the immigration crisis began to slowly build, nobody in the administration wanted to “own” the hot potato issue (heaven forbid Border Czar Kamala Harris get off her knees and imagine what could be, unburdened by her sheer incompetence).

Journalist Bill Melugin has summarized the best parts:

– Susan Rice called HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra a “bitch ass”& “idiot”.
– VP Harris’ team made it clear her responsibilities “began and ended” w/ root causes in just the 3 Northern Triangle counties & Mexico, w/ a former Biden admin official saying Harris has been “at best, ineffective”.
 Mayorkas disagreed with Biden’s 100 day halt on deportations.
– Homeland Security adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall displayed inexperience, asked for a memo explaining the difference between refugees & asylum seekers.
– Biden admin has listened to “vocal immigration advocates outside the administration”.
– “The White House generally didn’t want to talk publicly about immigration or the border for much of Biden’s first three years, feeling it would draw attention to a political vulnerability.”
– “Publicly, the White House also initially downplayed jumps in illegal border crossings as normal “ebbs and flows” — even as some internally pushed to acknowledge that the problem was significant.”

The article highlights a combination of infighting, incompetence, and indifference regarding the administration’s handling of the border over the last 3 years.

Rice Fries Kamala

In addition to calling Becerra a “bitch ass,” the clearly more competent (which isn’t saying much) Susan Rice and Kamala Harris have apparently been arch rivals ever since Rice was passed over for VP. Via Axios:

  • The tension between Rice and Harris had origins in the summer of 2020, when both were being vetted for vice president. Rice later told people she thought Harris and her team were partly responsible for opposition research that resulted in negative coverage of Rice.
  • Rice appeared to others to take pride in being more informed on the border than Harris.
  • Some Harris aides found Rice to be disrespectful toward the vice president and dismissively referred to the former UN ambassador as just a “staffer.”

Bottom line, America is being led by a man who’s too senile to prosecute, and whose administration is completely dysfunctional.

Read the report in its entirety here.