EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS! GP Calls Out Dirty DOJ Prosecutors On Camera Outside D.C. Kangaroo Court! Alleged Federal Agents Confronted! MUST SEE VIDEOS!

January 23, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit


After violent J6 cop Lila Morris testified in court yesterday at J6 defendant Luke Coffee’s trial, we waited outside to catch her on her way out of the courthouse. The second Morris left the courtroom she was flanked by a group of what appeared to be approximately five federal agents and attorneys. 

The Gateway Pundit waited outside to interview her about her alleged assault of Trump supporter Rosanne Boyland, but Officer Morris literally vanished without a trace.

Our only interview options left were the feds and the swamp creature DOJ prosecutors that had just portrayed Officer Morris as a victim on January 6th…when Morris was the one seen violently beating peaceful protester Rosanne Boyland before she died. These heartless prosecutors are also attempting to convict Mr. Coffee for a crime they know he did not commit.

See the interview HERE:

Only in Biden’s America does a cop that many believe may have killed a Trump supporter get treated like royalty. Morris was whisked away like a celebrity, completely evading the press. The group literally acted as her security detail and seemed fixated on hiding her from journalists.

When we realized the Feds had deceived the media by sneaking Morris out and robbed us of our First Amendment right to question a police officer that was seen brutalizing a peaceful protester, we decided to question the suspicious group of characters as they left the courthouse.

This alleged agent refused to acknowledge us. See the exchange HERE:

The group of alleged agents had intentionally prevented us from viewing Morris and snuck her out a secret entrance presumed to be underneath the federal courthouse that is reserved for witnesses being protected by the Feds or with a Secret Service detail, according to courtroom employees and a Marshal. After reporting on dozens of January 6th trials, this reporter has never seen a witness protected like this before from the media.

All January 6th cops and witnesses come to the court through the front door and leave through the front door ALONE. This situation was beyond suspicious and irregular.

Officer Lila Morris was treated like the President and escorted out by a security detail, completely evading the press.

Another Gateway Pundit reporter (Jordan Conradson) witnessed one of the men in Morris’ escort, presumably a federal agent, looking at pictures of Ashli Babbitt’s mother Micki Witthoeft on his cell phone. According to Conradson, the man seemed to be talking about people/activists in the court room and someone was sending photos to his phone of people that were there, including Witthoeft (Ashli’s mother).

This individual kept blatantly turning around and looking around the courtroom with a smirk on his face at times. He stared at us very rudely (we were right behind him and it seemed like an attempt at intimidation). He used his phone throughout the hearing. This is against the rules of the courthouse and no one dares breaks them (or they will be thrown out of the court). When you enter the room it says you are NOT ALLOWED TO USE ELECTRONICS OR CELL PHONES on the door on a large sign.

While we are following the rules, this individual who escorted Lila Morris secretly out of the building to avoid the press BROKE THE NO PHONE RULE and was viewing photos of Ashli Babbit’s mother on his cell phone.

Beautiful patriot Rosanne Boyland pictured with her parents before she died on January 6th. Boyland was seen brutally beaten by Officer Lila Morris with a stick before she died.

November 2024 cannot come sooner.

Because in the end God wins, and we are getting closer and closer to redemption.