July 22, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je Suis Spike

I Guess John Birch Failed to Use Leftist Hate Speech

My friends, I am not a user of facebook but I do understand the intimidation-terrorism that facebook uses to silence those who disagree with facebook’s decidedly dangerous, leftist attitude, dogma and policy.  Essentially ideas that do not meet facebook’s standard are quarantined in facebook jail.
The New American magazine, which has as its motto, “THAT FREEDOM SHALL NOT PERISH” is a publication of the John Birch society and always worth your time to read; I’ve personally read millions of words and never found any hate in it except as it reported the hateful actions of leftists.  From the link below:
“The John Birch Society had a post censored and monetization of its videos suspended by Facebook last week for alleged violation of “hate speech” standards after the organization encouraged its social media followers to obtain a copy ofThe New American (TNA) magazine’s “Immigration Invasion” edition.”
Additionally:  “In addition, the Facebook team notified JBS that its ad breaks have been placed on a 30-day restriction.
Ad breaks are advertisements that publishers can choose to activate on videos over 10 minutes in order to make money from their content. With ad and other monetization methods on hold, JBS will lose a revenue stream for a month — and Facebook warned the restriction will be extended to three months if JBS has another Community Standards violation within 90 days.”

The New American magazine, and the John Birch Society, which is named after the man responsible for saving the survivors of the Doolittle Raid, the air attack on imperialist mainland Japan during WWII are staffed by freedom-loving Americans who know and support the Constitution, as should we all.  You may not know about the raid or John Birch because the raid was carried out by heroic men and they were rescued by the heroic John Birch and true heroes are not the stuff of modern-day media.  Modern day media celebrates the metrosexuals, leftists politicians, other oddballs and malcontents who would destroy America.  Little do they know they can find their utopia outside America’s borders in many a craphole nation, if only they would leave and seek it.

Please take ten minutes to learn of a good man and true American hero by viewing this video:  The Adventures of Captain John Birch  The story of the life of John Birch (JB), since it’s true, makes that other JB, James Bond, look like a sedate homebody.  John Birch earned the Army Distinguished Service Medal and Legion of Merit and certainly the undying gratitude of the survivors of the Doolittle Raid.

If you take the time to review the above links, (a twelve minute investment of your time), you will disabuse yourself of leftist propaganda-by-silence; the practice of the media ignoring those with whom they disagree.  John Birch is a great American hero and was a missionary to China, taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who were pretty much denied it.
Today, I am not Spike; Je suis John Birch, we should all be John Birch.
Facebook Slaps John Birch Society With “Hate Speech” Violation Over Immigration Post


You understand that I do not compare facebook intimidation-terrorism to bloody, violent, murderous terrorism.  You should recognize, however, that the violent terrorism rarely happens in a vaccuum; intimidation comes first.