FAIR News: A Courageous Student to Inspire Us All

October 12, 2022 in Columnists, News, Video by RBN Staff


Student opposes CRITICAL RACE THEORY in favor of ‘inclusive’ race education. – RBN


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Dear friends of FAIR,

I remember the first time I met Sahar Tartak and her father Ben in January, a few weeks after seeing a video clip of her courageous statement at a school board meeting for Great Neck Public Schools. I was impressed by the intelligence, poise and strong moral resolve of this young woman who had recently joined FAIR, and the love and support she had from her family.

Last year, Sahar was a student at Great Neck North High School on Long Island, New York, and she had a decision to make. As the student government treasurer, she was directed to give $375 in student funds to an outside activist group to pay for a talk she was told would be about “systemic racism.” Sahar felt she didn’t know enough about the organization or its mission, and refused to sign off on the payment without more information, not realizing that this would lead to bullying and intimidation from school administrators and staff that would test Sahar’s—and her parents’—resolve.

Fortunately, Sahar and her family couldn’t be pushed around so easily. They stood up to their detractors, and began to speak out in favor of a pro-human and inclusive approach to anti-racism at her school. Sahar refused to be cowed into silence. What’s more, she inspired other parents and students to speak out in a constructive way about the school’s regressive and flattening approach to teaching students about race and racism.

Last week, Sahar released an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal detailing her experience and the events that transpired at Great Neck North High School. This article, along with a mini-documentary we released featuring Sahar and her father, showcase a strong young woman who is committed to doing her part to help heal the world.

I am immensely proud of Sahar. She is proof positive that there will always be individuals with the strength to speak out for what is right, and inspire others to follow their lead. Sahar is now a first year student at Yale and a Fellow at FAIR, working to advance civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and to promote a common culture based on fairness, understanding, and humanity.

Together, we are bolstering the forces of love and honest inclusion, over the forces of hate and alienation. Brave, principled young people like Sahar are what make me optimistic about the future, and inspire me to push forward with our positive pro-human mission and approach no matter what obstacles we face along the way. I hope she inspires you too.



Bion Bartning

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