FLASHBACK: Law Student -Schools- Policeman On His Gun Rights

March 28, 2016 in News, Video by RBN Staff

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Watch what happens when a policeman illegally stops a law student for carrying a gun…..and the law student schools him on how he’s broken the law. What you need to understand Daniel Hickey, is that that individual is just protecting himself. Perhaps if every police officer knew the law, these encounters wouldn’t go on for as long. Your position is that a person carrying a gun in an open carry is suspicious and warrants investigation. I would counter that if it is LEGAL for someone to do so and no suspicious activity (looking in people’s windows/loitering around businesses or banks) is witnessed then there is no cause to call the police. In doing so, valuable police time is being wasted on frivolous accusations. Here is my comparison: How would you like it if you were going for a walk with your kid/dog/whatever and since I don’t know you I called the police and reported a possible kidnapping? You could clear up the incident rather quickly once the police got there but you would still have been on the receiving end of some unnecessary harassment. Now please counter with “me and my kid are not the same as a man with a gun”… Show us your logical fallacy.