Forget Guns – London’s Now Pushing ‘Knife Control.’ This Is Not a Joke.

April 9, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: MRCtv | By Brittany M. Hughes

You know last week when I asked if London was going to ban knives because of all the stabbings in their city? Yeah, I was making a joke. But apparently, the government across the pond has lost what’s left of their minds, because now, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

In the wake of a bunch of stabbings and acid attacks, London is imposing new knife restrictions on its populace, including a ban on carrying any knives out in public. Oh! And they’re also imposing a stop-and-frisk policy where police are allowed to pat you down right there on the sidewalk and search you for weapons. There goes your privacy, Britain.

Now the problem is legitimate. London has seen 31 people murdered with knives in the last two months alone. Crime in immigrant-controlled areas of the city has skyrocketed, and on top of that, police now say gangs are playing a fun new game on the street where they get points for stabbing people.

So here’s how they’ve decided to solve this problem – by not letting anyone carry knives at all. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a tweet Sunday that “there is never a reason to carry a knife,” and that “anyone who does will be caught and they will feel the full force of the law.”

Yeah. There’s never a reason to carry a knife. Except for trimming strings and opening boxes and cutting food and loosening screws and the thousands of other handy tasks that don’t involve stabbing people.

So have we just given up all illusions that we still hold people accountable for crimes, not inanimate objects? Are we just not even pretending anymore? Should I start giving my kitchen cutlery a good talking to before I head out the door in the morning? Like back, back, butcher knife, don’t go stabbing anybody while I’m gone.

Of course, these new regulations aren’t going to keep criminals from carrying weapons anyway. Because for the millionth time, you know what criminals don’t do? Obey laws. No knife-wielding gangbanger in London is going to wake up one morning and say, “Gee, you know, I would go stab a whole mess of people in the park today, but those pesky government rules say I can’t take my machete outside.”

No. They’re gonna go stab a bunch of people who can’t defend themselves because their mayor has taken away any ability to fight back.

So here’s a thought. Why not just mandate that everyone roll around in layers of bubble wrap so nobody ever gets hurt? Because it’s apparently easier to penalize law-abiding people and make their lives inconvenient than to attack the source of these problems. We see it in America and we’re seeing it all over Europe.

It’s easier to blame the knives and take them away from people who’d never stab anybody than to maybe take a gander at your ridiculous immigration system and maybe ask why all of a sudden, people in London started getting shivved right and left and have to dodge acid bombs on their way to the grocery store. It’s easier to just strip-search your own citizens in the middle of the street and confiscate their pocketknives, because looking at a deeper cultural problem might “offend” someone.

In America, it’s easier to blame a gun than to take a hard look at our shattered families and our fatherless sons and our failing government-run education system that leaves children broken, lost and angry. It’s easier to point fingers at the NRA and millions of gun owners than it is to question why all of a sudden, kids are growing up with boo-koos of mental health problems and aggression issues, and that maybe it has something to do with the fact that we so devalued the notions of family, faith, and strong father figures.

But no, let’s blame the guns. Let’s blame the knives and the Borax. Because I guess it’s easier than blaming ourselves. There’s just one problem with this great solution – it’s not actually going to solve anything. So have fun with your new knife laws, London. And the big fat load of nothing that they’re going to help.

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