Former JAG officer warns of military coup against Trump [Video]

September 8, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff


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The Video attached is provided originally by the Schiller Institute, but with comment and information added. We see this video as important to view in light of the the elements of a coup d’etat suspected to be underway against the President of the United States, a coup that has many elements already in place to create massive trouble.

It should be further noted that the coup is not only directed at President Trump. It is directed against the basic structures of the American government. This something to consider along with the twin questions: (1) what happens if Donald Trump is re-elected President, and (2) what happens if Joe Biden is elected President?

In both cases there is reason to believe that the rioting taking place in many American cities will not instantly cease, but rather, change form according to the opportunities perceived by the outcome of the election. In either case, I believe the direction of the riots is singular – to overthrow the government and Constitution of the United States as it now stands. Therefore, the riots will not stop after the election, but they will change their form.

This is part of the “plan” as one might consider it, but there is an internal part of the plan which is described here in this video by the Schiller Institute.

At the Schiller Institute conference which concluded September 6th, former Virginia State Senator and Judge Advocate General Richard Black finds that those retired generals, now active against Donald Trump are in violation of Section 88 of the Military Code of Justice. He gives their names:

We have here several retired military leaders all saying a very ominous message, but if we look at their own careers, Col. Black notes, there is not a shining example of integrity there. Colin Powell, adulated during the first Iraq War famously shook a vial of what he described as anthrax, saying Iraq’s Saddam Hussein possessed this weapon in quantity, and launching a war that killed two million people (though most Americans do not know this.)

Colonel Black goes on to say what the President should order Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to do if Esper doesn’t do it himself. The Defense One publication being used by the insurrectionists is owned now by the Atlantic Media, principally Laurene Powell Jobs, who has been a key financial angel supporting Kamala Harris. Atlantic Media also publishes the Atlantic which is pushing the current fake narrative about the president disparaging the military. In fact, some of the news linked above appeared on The Atlantic’s site just as the fake news of President Trump disrespecting fallen soldiers arose last week.

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