Fraudulent Facade For A Worldwide Filching

May 19, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



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Skipping over the gory stats and details for the moment, suffice it to say that the momentous and nearly global lockdown over the nebulous COVID-19 virus was called for and instituted at the very top of the evil empire pyramid attempting to take over the world in one fell/foul swoop to institute the long predicted and touted totalitarian New World Order via a total elimination of our basic liberties. Fudged and fake stats from the state have been used to add gravitas to a supposedly grave situation which, if the virus is in fact a fact, is nothing more than a seasonal flu.

At the very unlikely maximum, total deaths from those who have supposedly contracted the newly created/fabricated/discovered disease would be 2%. The overwhelming numbers of “recoveries” are never mentioned or placed into perspective by the reporting agencies or their mouthpiece media outlets. A very large portion of those alleged to have succumbed to the disease are those over 80 years of age who were already suffering from maladies having the same or similar symptoms to the COVID-19 symptoms, or had already very weak immune systems and were “sickly” and so were liable to “catch” any influenza that was making the rounds of the Globe. Furthermore, to inflate the numbers, the cause of death of anyone in the said age group who shows the usual flu symptoms is always reported as COVID-19 upon the instructions of the authorities, thus rendering the numbers invalid. This is typically the case in nursing homes and hospitals, where the word of an authority is the last word. This has glaringly been the case in Italy, Spain, and Austria. Meanwhile, the usual seasonal flu typically claims over 60,000 victims each year in the US alone, and there has never been a lockdown in these instances or in the case of any other disease, for that matter. There are lots of suspicions and questions that need to be addressed and answered here.

There is so much stuff going viral on the not quite fully defined COVID-19 entity that it will fill several volumes in due course; but the essence of the phenomenon, its planned instigation, and the purposeful machinations surrounding it are already clear enough so that one can read between the lines and the lies to see where this massive diversion and subversion is all heading. The pertinent and pending question is whether the healthy, necessary, and most welcome expanding reaction to the lockdowns via local demonstrations by those with some sense of sanity and urgency can coalesce into a nationwide movement that hits a critical enough mass to hasten the end of this madness. We’re going to hang separately if we don’t hang together to confront this juggernaut that is going for our collective jugular.

The crisis scenario presented to us as a do or die situation by a bunch of scaremongers and bumblers at first was that two million of us would die–this was lowered in increments down to 100,000 and then to 60,000. The latter figure would be 20,000 less than the number of flu victims during the 2017-2018 flu season and one-fortieth less than the original prediction. Even as the globalist CDC and the WHO backed down in their predictions, no one criticized these nonsensical forecasts or attempted to discredit them, and there were no repercussions as a result of these outlandish estimates–in fact, the fear propaganda continued unabated even as the healthcare system was not strained in the least in nearly all parts of the country. Even in the New York City metro area, which the reporters were venting over, tens of thousands of ventilators remained in storage. “Citizen reporters” filmed many hospitals in NYC that were far from busy, with some looking like ghost towns. Some laid back hospitals around the US even laid off workers, since not only was there no “pandemic” present, but the lockdowns cut back on the usual number of patients as elective surgery was postponed or outlawed, and the incidence of car accidents was way down, as residents hunkered down in their domiciles.

The mockingbird media continues to present and exaggerate daily death counts without ever putting them into perspective and comparing them with the vaster number of deaths from other types of flu, pneumonia, cancer, heart disease, strokes, respiratory disease, diabetes, accidental deaths and even suicides. Delaying the conduct of otherwise normal medical procedures is also killing an unknown number of people as is the advice to stay at home and reduce their healthy outdoor activities and access to sunshine, as is the anti-social admonition against social interaction or even getting close to anyone, and treating passers-by as lepers. Allowing the virus to spread without the artificial restrictions will speed up the acquisition of natural immunity, called herd immunity (as if it were a slight), hasten the end of the current outbreak, and will build up immunity for future epidemics/cannedemics.

One shouldn’t get one’s hopes up over development of a vaccine to prevent this malady. As we are now increasingly finding out, these concoctions are many times more harmful than helpful, and can cause the disease they are tasked with eliminating. Many of some 50,000 who die each year from the flu receive the flu vaccine and it does them no good. Vaccines are suspected of being implicated in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) and retardation of natural maturation in children.

All this locking of arms of the medical cartel with those usually antithetical to liberty and individual rights(with no dissent tolerated) certainly gives rise to a very healthy skepticism about what is going on and why.

There are two angles dangling before us:(1) A new, potentially dangerous virus emanated from China, however it got started, and governments acted overly cautiously and went overboard with draconian measures which drastically reduced freedom and liberty. This was the ongoing trend anyway as governments in the modern era naturally move towards socialism and become over-active to justify their existences and bloated budgets, and obtain or commandeer new powers which are never relinquished whenever the alleged problem dissipates. When it became apparent that this flu was not a deja vu of the Spanish Flu, governments naturally kept their new powers.(2) The other explanation is that the entire pandemic is part of a far more sinister power play, a continuation of the “false flag” syndrome increasingly employed in recent years which are accompanied by “drills gone live” such as was the case with this event. A number of “pandemic simulations” were conducted in the months leading up to the current outbreak of COVID-19. The NY Times’ “slimes” reported in March 2020 that the Trump Administration conducted an exercise in 2019 simulating a pandemic crisis situation. This was the now notorious Event 201, a collaboration of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum, which simulated a Coronavirus outbreak and envisioned ways the public and private sectors could work together to stop the spread of this or any other virus. The recommendations and policy proposals arising from this gathering were responsible for the ensuing nearly universal world lockdown. These hyped up drills usually wind up with the declaration of a concocted “war” on something(such as the war on terror, the war on drugs, and now the war on ‘bugs”) involving greatly increased governmental powers and campaigns conducted on a world-wide scale.

It’s still too early to say how this will all play out. The sudden shutdown of the US economy and its ruination had to be a prime aim of the satanists. America is very sturdy and flexible and it could bounce back in a big way once restrictions are lifted. It could result in fatal blows to internationalism, free trade, and open borders, or things could go the opposite way and we could continue to be sucked into a death spiral with open totalitarianism, permanent “social distancing” in varying degrees, rolling lockdowns, social mayhem, regional conflicts along political divides, secessions, and widespread violence. The US may get more nationalistic and self-supporting while at the same time becoming more authoritarian and oppressive domestically, and a social credit system like the one operating in China could be adopted. Such seems to be the goal of our masters. Over there, those who don’t get with the government programs are severely ostracized to the point of becoming social and economic pariahs/outcasts.

It looks quite probable that this is a manufactured crisis designed to kill many budding movements trying to improve the “status woe” in one fell/foul swoop. These would include the budding anti-vaxx movement, ecologically/environmentally oriented small businesses and traditional farms that are challenging the domination of big agriculture, alternative solutions to the domination of big tech in its censorship of free(conservative) speech, and the opposition to the ink-quisition on writings and thoughts that oppose the standard narratives. At the same time it is greasing the skids for the imposition of the 5G technology(5G installations are occurring in the locked down schools and other places where no one is present to see what is going on), the institution of a cashless regime/digital currency, the facilitation of the use of robots, the proliferation of the internet-of-things, imposition of methodologies for tracking our every movement and to determine whether we’ve received the mandatory vaccination shots, and forcing the plebes further into debt as they increase their borrowing and use of credit cards to overcome their emaciated bank accounts. All the while, our masters are continuing to do the research that will one day determine what we will think before we think it so that they can have complete mastery over us. The worst part is that the sheeple have gone along with every governmental mandate except for scattered protests that have not coalesced into a coordinated movement national in scope. One of the famous Huxleys pointed out 90 years ago that we were on the path towards an efficient totalitarian state, and it looks like we’re about to arrive there. The fear-mongering and constant diet of daily globaloney propaganda from the boob tube and mainstream media has caused many people to lose their capability of discerning between fiction and reality. The big whoppers occur in tsunami bursts that take advantage of staged or propitious unfavorable events that occur in the normal course of things, while the lesser daily news and distorted views reinforce the over-arching narratives. On some level we can only hope that even the dullest of the dolts begin to realize that things cannot continue on the track they are on now. The establishment news-makers scream loudest about disinformation when they are the one who propagate it, as they fly off the handle when their conformist positions are challenged. Maybe some dullards will soon see through these feverish flounderings, fronts, and facades.

The control freaks are busy developing “apps” that will track everyone who downloads them and will “beep” when a person who allegedly has the virus walks near someone who doesn’t. Privacy concerns will be rigorously ignored while at the same time enumerations of the applicability of the Privacy Act will be enumerated as a feature/clause of each commercial transaction, but almost no one will read the fine print involved. Why fool with these expensive toys when they can be used as spying vehicles? Will they force us to buy and toy with these toys and phase out other types of phones just to faze patriots? Lord have mercy! Is this just a phase or craze that will go away?

It’s not about what’s said and debated. It’s about what’s unsaid, buried, thrust aside or left out. Why does it seem like Silicon Valley’s digital censorship is the same as China’s? Simple answer–it is the same. The diversion of the KungFlu phenomenon engages the world’s attention while at the same time digital tyranny is killing democracy, and while the US Congress and the President sit it out quietly and let it happen.

Surveillance of the public followed the largely manufactured “war on terror”, the implementation of the Patriot Act, and the advent of social media which allowed and furthered efforts to profile, track, and trace individuals. Now the China Virus provides a further pretense to further the already deep reach of the Deep State and its surveillance and corporate partners. What began with the ludicrous supposed threat(and denial) from a Muslim friend of the US President who was on dialysis and allegedly lived in a cave that couldn’t be located has evolved into pathogen/pathogenic propaganda which the media has exploited to frighten an ill-informed public, and thus clear the way to introduce ever more intrusive surveillance modalities.

As alluded to above, Google and Apple have jointly created a system to track and trace people allegedly exposed to the China Virus. This technology would rely on the Bluetooth signals that smartphones can both send and receive. If a person tests positive for the virus, public health authorities would be alerted. Anyone who came near the infected person’s smartphone in the prior 14 days could then be alerted.

Bill Gates of Microsoft has wormed his way up the globalist oligarchy’s hierarchy and now passes somehow as the world’s leading expert on vaccination. It’s uncanny that Gates at the same time is a proponent of greatly reducing the world’s population. Gates is now tied with George Soros as the man most hated by patriots after pushing for a ban on “mass gatherings” until a “global vaccine” is developed.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding very advanced studies at MIT to develop a “Mark of the Beast” type patch that would be implanted under the skin. The patch would contain a high-tech tattoo that could identify the wearer as one who has been vaccinated. This information could be accessed using a specially equipped smartphone that could emit signals that could detect the vaccination information. It’s easy to imagine a day soon when people will be required to have their tattoo scanned before being granted access to any public venue. The same tracking technology could then be developed further to eliminate the use of dirty money, then later on any kind of money.

President Trump may be committing political suicide by employing Doctors Fauci and Birx as his spokespersons since Fauci is closely allied with the Gates Foundation and Birx has strong ties with the Obama Administration and also the Gates Foundation, and Gates is engaged in an intense behind-the-scenes struggle with Trump over who gets to dominate the virus fighting narrative.

It gets much worse. Fauci’s NIAID actually funded a study on the Bat Coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China that has been accused of developing the COVID-19 virus. Gates had already been funding research on new methods for vaccine delivery. There is practically no area of the current pandemic unpanned by Gates and where the footprints of the omnipresent Gates are not to be found.

Fauci, which means “jaws’ in Italian, opened his big yap in January 2017 when he stated that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming Administration in the arena of infectious diseases, and then predicted a “surprise outbreak” which has just occurred. Surprise, surprise!

Trust in public authorities and the media was already wearing very thin before the COVID-19 pandemic. All the lies in re: Washington’s wars–weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, and the Russia-Gate hoax have seriously undermined the credibility of Washington and the US mainstream media. Thus alternative explanations, mischaracterized as “conspiracy theories” by the media, are running rampantly riot all over. However, all the doubters need to come to common understandings and positions or else the confusion, debilitation, and irresponsibility will just get worse.

To continue to survive as a society, we need realism, decisive action, and commitment by public authorities without favoritism. We should demand and force through substantial reforms once we get our act together. Despite all kinds of maladies being identified with or blamed on the COVID-19 virus, hopefully the bug-a-boo over it will eventually dissipate, but the assault on our liberties will not be reversed unless extremely decisive action is taken.

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