Free Lazor by Mark Anderson

May 17, 2023 in Columnists, News, RBN Updates by RBN Staff


By Mark Anderson  

P.F. “Free” Lazor was supposed to get out of prison this month, the month of May, back in 1992. But it was not to be. Instead this former Buddy Holly tribute musician has served 40-plus years based on a 1983 conviction on second-degree murder charges, stemming from a sham-trial.

He had actually used a handgun in self defense when an assailant burst into his home with a meat cleaver. The state of California, the home of what one might call “the Golden State Gulag,” however, didn’t see it that way. So the state sent Lazor down the proverbial river for reasons that still are not altogether discernable.

This writer and RBN host (Yours Truly, Mark Anderson) has spent the last 5 years or so getting to know Lazor through his phone calls to me and through exchanging letters, in addition to learning about him via his friends and advocates. He is a sharp political thinker, competent researcher and man of solid character with strong Christian values and immovable principles. Of that, you can be assured.

But, while there has been speculation that the man he shot in self-defense may have been related to powerful people, Lazor is seen by many as a political prisoner, since he has documented the myriad abuses (including beatings) going on inside the hallowed walls of the California prison system.

The thinking is that the state fears what he’ll expose upon his release. Meanwhile, Lazor has watched numerous hardened criminals who surely engaged in heinous crimes get paroled while he languished in the Soledad prison in the Salinas Valley of California, even while narrowly avoiding what initially had looked like mandated covid jabs, which likely would have killed him due to his extreme chemical sensitivities.

Rudy Davis, who runs a prison ministry website,, sees Lazor as one of several American political prisoners listed on that website.


Importantly, the California Board of Parole Hearings did schedule, sooner than expected, Lazor’s next parole hearing for May 23rd, 2023, which is 13 days away at the time this article was posted on RBN’s website. 

Also listen to this writer’s RBN radio show, STOP THE PRESSES!, from May 10th to get more perspective on this matter.
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The key thing is for all readers of this article who agree that Lazor must be freed to write to the Parole Board right away. Here is my letter to the Board. A KEY THING TO KEEP IN MIND IS TO AVOID MENTIONING THE SELF DEFENSE ISSUE AND THE “INJUSTICE OF IT ALL.” INSTEAD, STICK TO HIS GOOD CHARACTER AND OTHER SUCH MATTERS, SOMETHING SIMILAR TO MY LETTER BELOW (KEEP IT BRIEF; THE ADDRESS IS INCLUDED BELOW):

April 28, 2023

Board of Parole Hearings

PO Box 4036

Sacramento, Calif. 95812-4036


I am writing to emphatically ask that you parole Mr. “Free” Lazor, inmate # C-73842 at Soledad prison, at his May 23, 2023 parole hearing.

I learned about Lazor through a friend of his several years ago. Via phone conversations and postal correspondence with Lazor, and by talking to others who know him, I have learned that he’s an intelligent, thoughtful, responsible and kind person, with strong spiritual values, who always has the needs of others in mind and always will go the extra mile for them. And he always keeps his word.

I also am aware of his remorse and contrition for the course of events that resulted in his incarceration. Nor has he been negatively influenced by the prison culture. I also understand that he’s had no “115 RVRs” for nine years when just 1-2 years of a clean “115” record is typically enough for an inmate to be paroled.

And, importantly, he recently discovered that he has two children, who, in turn, had children, meaning that Lazor has grandkids. That certainly constitutes a STRONG incentive for Lazor to “walk the straight and narrow” and, in the process, set a good example for his offspring and spend precious quality time with them before he gets much older. Imagine the benefit to his children and young grandchildren to actually have Lazor physically in their lives, instead of Lazor just being that “guy in prison” who writes now and then.

Notably, I understand that Lazor’s newfound family in Tennessee is prepared to give him a stable and happy place to live. Furthermore, I fully intend to contribute anything I can to be part of Lazor’s support network and make double-sure that his needs are met and that he can live and thrive as a free man, with his beloved family at his side.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.


Mark Anderson, Texas