Gay, New York Times Board Member, Is Hilariously Tripped Up by Math (Or, As Leftists Call Math, A Construct of the Paternalistic Eurocentric White Power-Structure)

March 9, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike


Of course the leftists in the Democrat party proved in Iowa that they couldn’t count. Now their cheerleaders in the press are shown to be unable to do even simple math, even the most basic division problem.

While you are unlikely to see it again on MSNBC- or any other leftist information/propaganda outlet- the left has proven, AGAIN, that their smartest should not be anywhere near power to influence or control the people, yes, you and me, the people.

Mara Gay, while representing the Board of Directors of the leftist New York Times, speaking with Brian Williams, leftist newsreader for the leftist MSNBC propaganda network, demonstrated, AGAIN, why leftist should have never have power over the people.

Mara Gay represented a tweet by a person unimportant for this discussion as not only truthful but shocking in its content.   To wit: Michael Bloomberg spent more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS per American in his short-lived and pathetic campaign to buy the Democratic nomination for President. (Apparently he wanted President Trump not only to win again, but have a GREAT time doing it.)


Based upon the “capitalist-pig” inequality of Bloomberg’s wealth, how many American math teachers started preparing a question to ask their inculcates on Monday? How many of them were disappointed to discover the real answer? How many of them haven’t figured it out yet and are going to ask on Monday?   It’s terrible to waste a child’s mind in public school.

It is certainly time to alert the Americans who vote for leftists that they are being duped and we have THE MATH to prove it. Of course the powerful leftists have told us that math is merely a construct of the paternalistic Eurocentric White power-structure, so there’s that.

Here is the leftist math followed by actual math:


  • We are told by Mara Gay, (Did I mention that she’s on the Board of the New York Times?) that Bloomberg spent 500 MILLION DOLLARS
  • The Twit’s Tweet tells us that there are 327 MILLION AMERICANS
  • Therefore (The New York Times Board and LEFTIST MATH tells us) that Bloomberg spent more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS per American and Mikey could have had more effect helping Americans by just giving us each ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

In reality:

Bloomberg spent 500 MILLION DOLLARS (divided by) 327 MILLION AMERICANS (=) $1.53 cents per American.

So, while it’s fun to laugh at Common-Core-Style Math Deniers, who will never do math as well as Jim Lovell, let’s take this opportunity to educate Americans about the claim that we can solve all of our nation’s monetary trouble by confiscating the wealth of billionaires.

I hear that Michael Bloomberg is worth Sixty Billion Dollars. If we were to confiscate all of that money and pass it out equally to all 327 MILLION AMERICAN, how much would each of us receive in our larceny?   I’ll do the math, shortly, but just kind of take a guess.

We would each receive about $184.00. That’s right, less than $200 dollars apiece. So how far would that go to solving whatever economic maladies are caused by the unfairness resulting from the Paternalistic White Power-Structure curse? Not very far, I think.

Hey, how much would we have to confiscate so that we could have come true Mara Gay’s actual larcenous dream of ONE MILLION DOLLARS per American?

Simple, multiply 327 MILLION AMERICANS by ONE MILLION DOLLARS and you’ll see you need to steal and “redistribute” a total of $327,000,000,000,000. How many Billionaires with Michael Bloomberg’s “wealth” do we need to steal from?

Well, divide $327,000,000,000,000 by 60,000,000,000 and prepare to use your socialist, murdering thugs (but I repeat myself) to kill 5,450 people. That number is a slow day for the socialist/communist/leftist likes of Stalin or Mao or, I suspect, Castro, if he’d been raping a nation as populous as Russia or China.

Go Bernie!

Straight to China.

Live your damn dream, but get the HELL out of our lives.

And take your socialism believers with you. Doubtless they would disregard my math as somehow a lie, but let them live in China for a while; that’s an education even the biggest of the Kool-Aid drinking left cannot deny.

Thank you,

Je suis Spike