Today’s Educators Should Strive to Teach As Well As Those Who Taught Math to Jim Lovell

August 19, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



Can You Do Lovell-level Math?

Jim Lovell, with help from others who were also well educated, flew a broken spaceship around the moon and returned it to earth safely with possibly less processing power than a really good contemporary watch has. No small feat.

How did he do that without the benefit of today’s schools teaching him profoundly stupid and harmful ideas that American education foists upon children in their inculcation such as some boys are girls, and some girls are boys, and some are neither, and all should be able to use any locker room they wish? (And the rest of us need to shut up about it.) How was he able to do it without the “knowledge” that meat is murder, abortion is only a choice, anthropomorphic climate change will, we are told, annually, render the planet earth lifeless in 20 years, and that some of the people of this nation, which hasn’t seen institutional slavery in about 150 years, need to pay for such a great sin.* (Never mind that only 6% of black Africans purchased from other black Africans and brought to the Americas came to the US- the other 94% to other nations which somehow don’t need to be berated and extorted by American liberals to make amends.)

So how did this man, Jim Lovell, survive a broken spaceship? Real education, that’s how. He was taught very much in his 10,000 hours of 12 years of grade school instruction. Really, how does anybody get through 10,000 hours of grade school “education” without being able to follow and appreciate simple logic, without being capable of doing at least rudimentary algebra, and without knowing what the word “rudimentary” means?

I had a neighbor who is a contemporary of Jim Lovell, graduating high school the same year, who designed complex electrical systems for a living; you may well have benefitted from his work. Of course this sort of work is done by those capable of doing higher level math and also have outstanding logic**skills. Now 91 years old, like Mr. Lovell, he was educated without the “benefit” of computers and didn’t even have a four-function calculator to do his homework.   I once asked him how old he was when he saw his first slide rule. He was in his second year in college. Somehow, utilizing rote education, abhorred by modern day (mis)educators, he was able to keep the lights on for us.

I would suggest that if we want to educate children today, we re-visit education as was practiced in the days of Jim Lovell.*** And I do not mean just math education, the man can read and write pretty well, I believe, as well. I do not mean- so do not accuse me of saying- that we should return to Democrats’ separate-and-unequal education, no, we can educate all children properly if only we could get liberals and other practitioners of perversion out of the “field of education,” taking their profoundly stupid and harmful ideas with them.

Could somebody please get a hold of Jim Lovell and ask him to answer these questions?

  • When is a boy not a boy? (Despite the fact that Batman and his protégé, Robin, would tell you otherwise, the answer is NOT “When he turns into a candy store.”)
  • If one leg of a right triangle is of length 3, the other 4, what is the measure of the hypotenuse?
  • When is a boy a girl?
  • If John impregnates Mary without the benefit of marriage, how is it that, in the patriarchal society we are told plagues us, only Mary gets to decide whether to kill- or keep until birth- her unborn child, or make John pay to care for that child for the next 18 or more years without being allowed to be involved in the child’s life?
  • How awesome was Isaac Newton?
  • Who is Isaac Newton?

I think that his answers might well be worth hearing, even if the Department of Education’s fascist overlords don’t want to hear them.

Thank you for reading this,

Je suis Spike


  • We do need to have a national dialogue on racism in America, this is true. But it cannot be done with those who traditionally represent the left in this dialogue, Sharpton, Jackson and any other race-hustlers or poverty-pimps, because they profit from the rancor in the discussion and have no real interest in discovering the truth of the matter, or how best to resolve the differences that are the varied (actually diverse) viewpoints Americans have and are worth examining.

** Logic is today frowned upon by some in America’s educational system as a tool used by the Eurocentric white patriarchy in America to keep down women and people of color. (I think that they confuse logic with gravity which actually keeps down women, men, people of color and people of not color and is also used by the fascist left to bring bike locks down on the heads of those who dare question the left. Also, in the discovery of truth, logic can no more be rescinded than gravity, no matter how much liberal legislators believe they could do it. Of course some in America’s education system today see truth as a construct of the Eurocentric white patriarchy in America to keep down women and people of color, so you really cannot argue with these people because they are idiots or truth-deniers, or both. Do not compromise with them, do not argue with them, do nothing but humor them and keep sharp objects from them as you work to defeat them.

*** I understand that not all of us are capable of doing Lovell-level math, even having had the best teachers, but believe that with capable teaching, and a proper attitude, and ten thousand hours of classroom time, no American high school graduate should be incapable of reading Tom Sawyer and writing a good report on it.   Of course if 5,000 of those 10,000 hours are spent on inculcation of profoundly stupid and harmful liberal ideological programming to support the Leftist Fascist Unwhite Femarchical actual power structure that pervades what is erroneously called education in America, there is less time available for math and reading instruction.