Gen-Zers Give Up On Tiny Homes As ‘Car Living’ Takes Off

February 12, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge


MONDAY, FEB 12, 2024 – 05:55 AM

Bidenomics has been disastrous for America’s youth, who are coming to age in an era marked by worthless college degrees, accumulating insurmountable debts, and finding jobs that barely cover essential living costs, such as food, rent, and insurance.

The younger generation (millennials), having long abandoned the dream of homeownership, turned to tiny houses and camper vans as alternatives after the Great Recession. Yet, these options, for the newest generation (Gen-Zers) coming to age – are also becoming expensive.

One Gen-Zer, living out of his car, showering at a network of Planet Fitness gyms, cooking meals in parking lots, and working random gig jobs from town to town, reveals an emerging trend of the systematic implosion of America’s youth.

YouTuber Michael Hickey – likely kicked out of his parent’s basement – built a bed in his 2009 Kia Rio. He said this option allows him to “live rent-free” and travel the country.

In the video, Hickey said the best parking lots to sleep in are ones owned by Cracker Barrel restaurants. He purchases groceries from supermarkets and prepares them right there in the parking lot on a portable stove.

As for showering, he uses a network of Planet Fitness gyms to exercise and shower.

To make money, he works side-gigs, such as DoorDash and Instacart.

Hickey is not alone. Tons of other Gen-Zers post their stories of living in cars on YouTube.

The tiny home we all know has been downgraded to a Honda Element for another homeless Gen-Zer.

It’s a slippery slope for America’s youth as the Federal Reserve and the federal government have mismanaged the economy (read“Gen-Zers Melt Down Over 9-5 Jobs Amid Criticism About ‘Bidenomics’“), forcing more youth to give up on tiny homes and camper vans for living in cars. This is the collapse.