Global Anti-Trump Coverage Proves the Matrix Is Real

March 26, 2016 in News, Video by D

Global Anti-Trump Coverage Proves the Matrix Is Real


Hey America, have you noticed it?

The media has actually created a magical, artificial “news bubble” around us like a mythical rainbow unicorn where nothing else is happening in the world besides what would appear to be all-out WORLDWIDE anti-Trump propaganda spewing from every corner and crack of the planet, as if American citizens live in a tiny box where the only news that’s happening right now is how evil, horrible, and hated by the American Establishment, world leaders, movie stars, etc. Trump is. (Which, by the way, just makes everyone want to vote for him more, so if this is a reverse psychology plot to destroy the GOP so Hillary takes it, then bravo, it’s working.)

The propaganda is so thick, if you watch it too long you might go blind.

The fact that these same reporters across the country on both sides of the political aisle and even across the world in countries where America’s presidential elections shouldn’t matter can sit up there on TV and find it within themselves to pretend to be shocked and outraged by Trump’s rhetoric now, as if that’s the worst possible thing in the whole world that he… says… WORDS…

When they sit up there night after night and pointedly fail to care about our so-called leaders ripping our constitution and bill of rights to shreds and destroying our country in every way possible while drone striking thousands of innocent civilians in unconstitutional offensive wars without due process as they empire-build across the Middle East is beyond laughable…

It’s quite possibly all the proof you need we really are living in the Matrix, because this manufactured outrage in a news bubble where nothing else is happening besides Trump hate simply cannot be reality.

Consider this. The Establishment realizes how hated and loathed it is. They know people are fed up with post-9/11 America. With the Bushes. With the Clintons. With Obama. With the Cronyism running the show. Jeb Bush couldn’t even pretend to hang in this race because of how obvious it was made from all corners of the political spectrum that no one in America wants another Bush anywhere near the White House after what his family has done to this country. He was resorting to paying people $25 to attend his rallies by the end of it.


And now, even though Hillary essentially has the entire mainstream media acting as her PR firm, she is barely beating Bernie Sanders in the primaries (primaries which we all know are rigged… come on, improbable coin tosses and card flips?). Even her own “supporters” at her rallies look only slightly more enthusiastic about voting for her than comatose accident victims. That’s how bad Hillary really is. She can have the whole media at her disposal slanting all of their coverage her way, overlooking her crimes left and right, and STILL no one wants her so she can show up and essentially be an Obama third term, a platform she’s actually been running on lately.


The Establishment, however, does want her. And it realized long ago that voter turn out was set to be the LOWEST it has been in quite possibly the history of the entire country. But what does an unpopular rich kid bully do when no one will show up to his party? He invites a movie star. So now Trump shows up to the party and people are coming out of the woodwork on every corner to continue to legitimize this puppet-picking-process with their vote (as if anyone’s vote actually counts). They are starting to see how truly ridiculous it all is and that if you get down to brass tacks, there isn’t one good choice up there… but if Trump is going to piss all over the GOP’s parade and if they hate him so much, they think, well hell, I’ll vote for him! (The Establishment also realizes this, by the way.)

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