Globalists are desperate to collapse society as wars create hell on Earth

January 5, 2024 in News by RBN Staff


By Steve Stars RBN host of Lightspeed X 2

VITAL INFO: Top Intelligence whistle-blower, Scott Bennett Exposes how the globalists are desperate to collapse society as wars create hell on earth…as international terrorists flood the US borders. Meanwhile, Terrorists flood through the US Borders and transport Children in to destinations unknown.


Top insider reveals the Treason at the Top destroying America.


Scott Bennett reports from the scene about the massive devastation in Ukraine, and how this all tied to the globalist’s agenda to destroy freedom and civilization. Is Russia the only nation left that will resist the WEF’s global collapse? Hear and see what both Ukrainians and Russians are thinking about the Biden/Zelensky War.

Millions of Illegals have flooded the US borders. Many are people trying to survive and escape destitute conditions. Others are violent criminals, and even foreign terrorists, hiding among the masses. As the US economy crashes, the conditions will get worse for everyone. Visit the Link below:

Watch: Federal Contractors Caught Transporting Minor Illegal Migrants Through Border Town Airport At 3 A.M.

Please pass on this link: We must stand together to save our human race from these dangerous sadists and psychopaths.

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