Globalists Panic as Trump Survives and Virus Spreads

January 26, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

By Cliff Kincaid

In the span of just one week, at the Davos World Economic Forum, two globalists sounded the alarm about President Trump’s America, declaring we are living in “revolutionary” times. This means another panic has set in, as Bolshevik Bernie is positioned to capture the Democratic presidential nomination and go down to another defeat, in much the same way that socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign imploded in Britain.

First, the future King of England, Prince Charles, said at Davos, in order to combat “climate change” and move forward, “we need nothing short of a paradigm shift, one that inspires action at revolutionary levels and pace.” Then, atheist billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros took the stage at Davos, declaring war on President Trump and claiming we are living in a “revolutionary moment.”

This is not just talk. Soros is known as the hedge fund operator who broke the Bank of England through currency manipulation and short-selling. He makes money by undermining national economies, causing dislocation and human suffering. He is a fan of the European Union and told Davos that Boris Johnson’s victory in Britain in the Brexit election was a “crushing defeat” for the globalists.  He also took aim at nationalists Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Matteo Salvini in Italy.

Charles and Soros sounded like revolutionaries in a state of panic over plans for their New World Order. Of course, we are now witnessing the emergence of another infectious disease, a new Corona virus, which originated in China and may have passed from animals to humans. In addition to the spread of the disease and the possibility of hundreds or thousands of deaths, financial and oil markets are threatened. Airlines and travel stocks are falling. This may just be the crisis the globalists need.