Greta Thunberg Deletes Tweet Claiming “Climate Change Will Wipe Humanity” By 2023

March 14, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge

MONDAY, MAR 13, 2023 – 08:00 PM

Greta Thunberg embarrassingly deleted a tweet from 2018 that was connected to an article predicting the extinction of humans by 2023 due to climate change.

“A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years,” Thunberg’s tweet read, citing an article from some obscure website that no longer exists.

On Saturday, Jack Posobiec first revealed the deleted tweet.

The self-described “autistic climate justice activist” was merely a teenager with no credentials when she touted end-of-the-world prophecies that millions of ‘climate-tards’ believed. Progressive media outlets, ‘green’ lawmakers, corporate execs, and non-governmental organizations praised her for her bold predictions that have turned out to be nothing but lies.

Greta is a ‘useful idiot’ for the climate change scam. Every decade a new and improved climate activist emerges. It just so happened that a child replaced former Vice President Al Gore.

Recall Gore released a 2006 documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth” that warned global sea level could rise as much as 20 feet “in the near future.”

The true weakness of the climate movement lies in its intellectually deficient spokespeople, like Greta and Gore.

So who comes next? Well, we found the new and improved Greta 2.0.