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November 2, 2015 in News by RBN Staff


Property Rights in Israel

In one of our recent We Hold These Truths Speaks Out podcasts we discussed who really has the property rights to the land now called the nation-state of Israel. This seemingly simple question has generated more debate and bloodshed than … Continue reading →
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USA and Saudi Arabia Imply War Guilt in Syria–All But Financing ISIS

Manama, Bahrain (AP)-T In a Saturday AP story entitled US pledges nearly $100 million to support Syrian opposition, both the US State Department and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia all but admitted to virtually every act of war against the Syrian … Continue reading →
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Russian Recruits for ISIS…Try NOT to laugh.

There is a saying in Russia regarding the Russian Grizzly Bear–“Do not pull or drag the Bear from her Taiga.”  This is referencing the Russian people but the analogy of the bear seems to be a perfect fit and … Continue reading →
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America First, Not Israel – Imagine That

No matter what is done to expose the machinations of the State of Israel and it’s ongoing military occupation of Palestine, Zionists are quick on the draw to attack the “offenders” usually by resorting to name calling like, “A clear cut … Continue reading →
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