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Tomato Bubble | Brother Nathaniel Kapner

Some of our readers have written to us, expressing confusion, surprise and dismay over Russia’s recent decision to ban certain revisionist views of World War II and the HolyHoax. For the past 20 years, alternative scholars and researchers such as David Duke have been able to speak and write freely in the new Russia. This recent law appears to contradict the trend towards academic freedom, as well as freedom from Big Jewry, that had been established in Russia.

After all, it was Putin who made the “anti-Semite” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago mandatory reading in Russian High Schools. And it was Putin who hounded the Jewish Oligarchs into prison or out of Russia. And it was Putin who publicly said that the Bolsheviks were mainly Jewish. And it was Putin who blocked, and continues to block, the planned Jewish Holy Wars against Syria and Iran.

What is going on here? Does this mean that Putin has suddenly sold out to the Jews, ala Rand Paul, as some have suggested? Should we be concerned?

Be not alarmed dear readers. Putin knows what he is doing. Internet scholar-activists Mike King of TomatoBubble.com and Brother Nathanael Kapner of RealJewNews.com have joined minds to bring you an explanation of what this law is really all about. Let us begin with a quick review of TB’s March 2014 piece on the CIA’s fake “neo-Nazis” of Russia and Ukraine.

Why do these “Nationalists” hate Putin so much?
A question about Vladimir Putin is often asked by Nationalists who remain suspicious of him. They ask, “If Putin is really a Nationalist, then why is he cracking down so hard on Russian “Nazis”?
“We have in our service persons of all opinions and of all doctrines, restoration monarchists, demagogues, socialists,communists, and Utopian dreamers of every kind. We have harnessed them all to the task . Each one of them on his own account is boring away at the last remnants of authority, is striving to overthrow all established forms of order.”
-Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
On the intelligence front of this Cold War, the OSS (which later became the CIA) cultivated and manipulated the anti-Communist Nationalists of the Soviet Republic of Ukraine. During World War II,  these “Right Wingers” were pro-Germany, and hence, America’s enemies.
But with the focus now shifting towards the Soviet Union, the now underground Right Wing groups of Ukraine become useful idiots for disseminating CIA propaganda and undermining the Globalists’ Soviet rivals.
As one of the key Republics of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was targeted by the clever CIA conspirators.
The chief strategist and money bundler behind this OSS-CIA anti-Soviet, pro “Nationalist” subversion tactic was a Ukrainian-American(with a very Jewish sounding name) named Lev DobrianskyThe “anti-Communist” Dobriansky wrote the “Captive Nations Week Resolution”, which was adopted by Congress and signed into law by President Eisenhower. 
1. The “Ukrainian” Lev Dobriansky (center) built quite a name for himself as a dedicated “Anti-Communist”. In reality, his true motivation was hatred of Russia itself, not of communism. This was a common play of latter day “Neo-cons”.
2. Book: ‘The Vulnerable Russians’ by Lev Dobriansky (1967)
Dobriansky, his Marxist loving friend Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the CIA expoited the “multi-ethnic problem” of the Soviet Union. This “divide & conquer” tactic was, and still is, used as a weapon by the CIA and its front organizations and supporters.
1. Trilateral Commission founder Zbigniew Brzezinski (center) was Democrat Jimmy Carter’s main string puller. Though a self professed admirer of Karl Marx, Brzezinski, like his pal Dobriansky, maintained a misleading reputation as an anti-Communist Cold Warrior.
2. Brzezinski engineered the Afghanistan provocation so as to lure the Soviets into a disastrous war with US armed “Al Qaeda” types.
With the 1990’s collapse of the Communist Soviet Union and the dissolution of its various Republics, the Globalists seized upon the opportunity to swallow up the separate Republics and split up Russia itself.
To that end, separatist factions were exploited by the CIA (Chechen War) as well funded “Right Wing” groups suddenly gained in numbers and strength.
1. The terroristic Chechan “rebellion” was a CIA proxy war (think Libya & Syria) designed to split up Russia.
2. Dobriansky’s gullible spawn: Patriotic “Nationalists” with noble sentiments, but no idea of who is infiltrating and controlling them.
2014: Violent “neo-Nazis” of “The Right Sector” led the fight to overthrow Ukrainian President Yanukovich. The helmeted ‘Nationalists” used Molotov cocktails, clubs, and bulldozers to attack police. They burned tires, created barricades, occupied buildings, and took hostages.
How odd that the Western Jewish liberal media didn’t seem to mind the presence of so many “neo Nazis” in the ranks of their beloved “protesters”.
These terrorists are now murdering innocent people in eastern Ukraine. Groups like these are also active in Russia, just waiting to pounce when the time is right.
Ukrainian and Russian “neo-Nazis” are violent, brainwashed tools of Jewish handlers. Their CIA-Mossad handlers fill their young empty heads with justifiable hatred for Jewish Bolshevism, and then redirect their passions towards anti-Putinism. The ranks of these gangs are likely filled with actual foreign mercenaries. as well.
Lev Dobriansky’s daughter, Paula Dobriansky, was a Bush administration State Department official and is still an influential psycho neo-conservative. She and her crowd openly supported the “neo-Nazi” led Ukrainian coup which ousted Putin’s ally, Yanukovich.Dobriansky also supports the subversion the Russian Federation. We’re sure her “anti-Communist” daddy would have been proud!.
Lev Dobriansky’s daughter, Paula, is a huge supporter of The “Global Warming” Hoax. She was also a member of the neo-con PNAC gang that “predicted” that a “New Pearl Harbor” would drive America into war with Iraq.
After the dirty work of a coup was completed, the pro-EU leftist wench, Yulia Timoshenko, was let of jail and addressed the mob. She appears to be in charge of Ukraine, for now at least. If Timoshenko (or former boxer Vitaly Klitschko) have their way, Ukraine will be swallowed up by the homosexualized, Marxist EU / NATO monster; a true Nationalist’s worst nightmare!
So, why are the “Right Wing Nationalists” not rioting anymore?
It’s because, unknown to 90% of the brain dead ranks of these “Right Wing” groups, the secret handlers of the “neo Nazis” have turned the violence in Kiev off as easily as one turns off a water faucet!
The useful idiot “Nationalists” served their purpose in Kiev. Now, just like all those “anti-Israel” Al Qaeda recruits who never got around to actually attacking Israelis, the “neo Nazis” can be discarded like used up, dried up lemons; but not before waging a terror war against pro Russian Eastern Ukrainians. Can you “Nationalists” hear Ms. Dobransky, Mr. Brzezinski, and your CIA/Mossad team leaders all laughing at you? Fools!
The vile, corrupt, EU-loving, jailbird Billionaire wench Yulia Timoshenko is the Hillary Clinton of Ukraine. She’s back in charge and firing up the CIA rent-a-mob now.But suddenly, the “neo-Nazis” don’t seem to mind!
……..Paging all you “neo Nazis”…Hello…”Svoboda”?….”Right Sector”?…..Your country is about to be swallowed up the EUSSR.  Why have you guys stopped rioting?…..Hello….Hello……Can I get a Molotov cocktail please……just one…Hello….Are you still there?
Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, well funded “Right Wing Nationalists” have become very active in Russia. As in Ukraine, these anti-Putin “Nationalists” have no problem protesting side-by-side with Communists, homosexuals, feminists and other pro Western wannabee libtards.
Instead of attacking Putin, Shouldn’t they be beating up their degenerate Left Wing Communist adversaries first?
*Again, this is not to suggest that all of the Nationalist marchers are CIA agents. We believe that the majority are sincere dupes who remain ignorant of the higher forces and individuals that are pulling thier strings.
1. A very strange CIA cocktail of anti-Putinism: Communists, Anarchists, libtards, homosexuals, and …..”Right Wing Nationalists”???
2. Why are “Nationalists” protesting against the man who put the Jewish Oligarchs in jail, saved Russia from collapse and disintegration, restored prayer and religion to the public sphere, signed an anti-homosexual propaganda law, banned abortions after 12 weeks, slashed tax rates, raised birth rates, restored Russian honor worldwide, and stood up to the US-EU-Israel Axis of Evil?
Some of these “Nationalists” have attacked and murdered immigrants from Russia’s Caucus region. This does nothing to benefit the cause of Nationalism. To the contrary, it makes White Russians seem like barbarians while unecessarily promoting ethnic tensions within the Russian Federation (Dobriansky’s ethnic strategy!)
It is important to note that Russia’s multi-ethnic demographics date back to the days of the Czars; pre-dating Putin by centuries. To hear some of these “Nationalists” talk, one would think that 3rd Worlders are now a majority in Russia proper; as is rapidly becoming the case in major West European cities.
This is not the case.
1. Russian “neo-Nazis” sentenced to life in prison for killing 27 innocent Muslims / Central Asians. Would Putin’s “Right Wing” critics suggest that he pardon these throat-slitting monsters? 
2. Gentle Hitler would never have approved of the murderous behavior of these “neo Nazis”.
 Putin, a true anti-Communist and anti-Globalist, is nobody’s fool. He understands that the CIA’s phony “Right” arm (controlled Nationalists, fake “neo-Nazis”), poses just as much of a danger to the stability of Russia as the CIA’s “Left” arm (Voina, Pussy Riot, “dissidents”, Kasparov etc)
THAT is why he will not tolerate their dubious brand of “Nationalism”!
Putin has the support of 80% of the Russian people. The remaining 20% consists of Communists, Anarchists, degenerates, pro Western wannabee libtards, homosexual activists ……and Dobriansky’s & Brzezinski’s stupid and murderous “Right Wing Nationalists”.

Brother Nathanael, you take it from here….


Putin already has enough on his hands with feral Russian race-nationalists and nominal ‘Orthodox’ neo-facist criminal gangs sawing heads off of innocent non-white, non-Russian people, among other very unpleasant things that they do to minorities.

He certainly doesn’t want the Mad Pole’s (Brzezeinski) School of Intelligence, Subversion, and Terror at work in Kiev getting a hold inside Russia latching on any tighter to these gangs.

Putin’s Russia is not a “nation-state” with a homogeneous society.


How then does secular but racialist “nationalism” or religious neo-fascism (specifically of a Catholic kind with the Right Sector in Kiev)work in the Russian Federation with its 150 different ethnic minorities, 4 different traditional religions, plus a number of religious minorities?

With things coming to a head in Ukraine, Putin must prevent Right Sector sympathizers in Russia (yes, they are there) from gaining traction and a foothold in Russia.

Thus comes the ‘holocaust denial law’ which will take the thunder from Right Sector sympathizers. Any inkling of violating this law gives Putin a way to criminalize Right Sector sympathizers and sever their subversive activities and agitations.

Something else is going on politically to prompt this ‘holocaust denial law.’

First there are the constant comparisons of Putin with Hitler by Hildebeast and the Jew West, and then the “Bandera/Nazi” propaganda of the Kremlin.

I don’t know why the Kremlin is doing this other than to keep feelings of Russian national-patriotism high against the Anglo-Zio-US axis of terror.

And maybe they are trying to break up the symbiotic relationship between the Ukrainian Jewish Community and Jew oligarch Kolomoisky.

Because a little bit of research reveals that Bandera or the UON-UPA fascists were not anti-Semites, and never had a problem with Jews.

Poles and Russians were the enemies of the German-leaning UON, while Jews were considered only a secondary problem, and in fact several Jews served in the UON-UPA.

Jews could join as long as they became “Karaites.” Ukrainian Jews, ok…BUT Russian Jews, kill ‘em like any other “Moskal” (slang for Muscovite.) The UON split into somewhat moderate UON-M and the radical UON-B when Germany came into the Ukraine, and it wasn’t long before the Bandervitsy were fighting the Germans, not getting their promised independence right off the bat.

And Putin must surely know that the Wermacht, the regular Germany army, is what ethnic SS auxilliaries were assigned to including the Gallician troops, and not the National Socialist “Hitler’s private” army. Shortly after he started acting up, Bandera got thrown into a concentration camp by the Germans for the duration of the war.

Putin decided to slam the gates on the CIA, MI6 , and the Mossad latching on tighter to the ultra-nationalist and national socialist Russian gangs who are Right Sector sympathizers.

The CIA, MI6, Mossad all have a very long record of working with nationalist, ultra-nationalist/fascist groups, all the way back to Lawrence of Arabia and more for “regime changes.”

With Ukrainian Jew oligarch Kolomoisky working very close to Kiev, (if not giving orders from there), I would venture to say that Dnipropetrovsk, the Jew capital of Ukraine and mystical Lubavitcher center, with the Israeli Embassy located in the mega-million hi-rise “Menorah” Jewish Community Center, shaped like a “Menorah,” and having a couple of posh hotels, is “Tel Aviv North.”

And, Yarosh has his headquarters there, along with his 10,000 or 15,000 or so Right Sector thugs in Kiev’s newly-formed Jewmerica-inspired National Guard clothing.  Yarosh has already assured the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine that Right Sector isn’t anti-Semitic.

In a paradoxical nutshell, the true purpose of the “Holocaust Denial” Law is not to serve the Globo-Zion Jews, but to fight them. It is a powerful tool that Putin can and will use to crush the psychopathic kosher CIA “Nazi’s” of Russia once and for all. The law also prevents the Master Jews from manipulating what The Protocols of Zion refers to as “our lesser brethen” into closing their mighty ranks against “Fascist” Putin and “anti-Semitic” Russia.

In chess parlance – check, and check. Well played Mr. Putin. Well played.