Hive-minding the Opposition: How to Control Those Who Are Waking Up

September 29, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Janet Phelan

Source: Activist Post


It’s an old trick. Throw the opposition a bone and watch them pounce on it. It’s a clever and well-developed ploy to keep the dissidents from seeing the bigger picture.

In the case of the pandemic, otherwise known as the biological weapons agenda, this trick has been again successfully deployed. Doctors, journalists, dissidents and others have all glommed onto the jab as the most dangerous problem we face.

Every day, a new article appears, with mounting evidence that the jab kills and maims. And I am not saying it doesn’t!

However, the bioweapons agenda has many more manifestations than a problematic and dangerous vaccine. And these other manifestations are being shuffled to the bottom of the deck, where they simply gain more dark power over us.

Because we are not paying attention.

As discussed in this earlier article there are several ways in which the pandemic may have furthered a death toll–which have nothing to do with a coronavirus or a jab. Some of these deaths are directly attributable to the pandemic itself, though with a less than 1% case fatality rate, maybe not so many. Some are attributable to the hospital and medical response to the pandemic, which was to intubate those with a Covid diagnosis. The intubations were soon found to be dangerous and in many cases, lethal.

Countermeasures which were thought to be effective and useful were also largely discouraged by medical professionals. The FDA issued a caveat warning against the use of ivermectin, calling it potentially “dangerous,” even as a judge in Ohio issued a court order for its usage. West Chester Hospital was ordered to give Jeffrey Smith ivermectin. However, another judge shortly thereafter ordered that the ivermectin be discontinued for Smith, who then succumbed and died.

However, there are other routes to death involving a pandemic scenario. This reporter has repeatedly warned about the inherent problems with the reconfiguration of water systems, particularly in a lockdown scenario. Indeed, while other researchers, such as Dr. David Martin, have alluded to city water systems as potential pandemic delivery systems, this documented threat has been largely ignored.


Of equal concern are the existence of impostor or “death” pills, which can easily replace one’s treatment for a pandemic-related illness or any other condition, by a hospital staff or even by a dispensing pharmacist. One pill and you are off to Never-Never Land.

As it stands, these threats are not informing the general discussion about pandemic-related deaths, even as the “excess death” toll is getting more and more coverage, with such mainstream organizations as PAHO declaring that excess deaths now top 14 million.  In case you were not aware, the Covid death count worldwide has been reported at 6.5 million, leaving over 8 million dead due to other or related causes. Researchers such as Dr. Mercola have declared that these excess deaths can only be attributed to the jab, utterly ignoring at least two other possible causes–impostor pharmaceuticals and death water.

Those who are on the jab story are doing a wonderful job, truly. Through their efforts, we now know that (at least) hundreds of athletes have died suddenly following the so-called Covid vaccine or booster. We know that there are validated reports that the jabs cause heart-related illnesses, which can result in disability and death. We also know aware that there appear to be post-jab effects on fertility and pregnancy. We also know that the evidence is accumulating that the jabs may in fact cause irreversible and untreatable prion disease.

All of this may at some point in time be swept under the rug, with official apologies tendered as to the “public health emergency” which necessitated a rapid response. Mea culpas may be issued as to the fact that the jabs did not undergo sufficient testing. Some people will accept these explanations and so the bioweapons agenda will continue to be protected.

But you cannot explain away reconfigured water systems or death pills, can you? These show intent that cannot easily be justified. And as long as these realities remain unaddressed and unacknowledged by the so-called resistance and so-called independent media, we remain at exquisite risk.

Janet Phelan has been on the trail of the biological weapons agenda since the new millennium. Her book on the pandemic, At the Breaking Point of History: How Decades of US Duplicity Enabled the Pandemic, has been published in 2021 by Trine Day and is available on Amazon and elsewhere. Her articles on this issue have appeared in Activist Post, New Eastern Outlook, Infowars and elsewhere. Educated at Grinnell College, UC Berkeley and the University of Missouri Graduate School of Journalism, Janet “jumped ship” and since 2004 has been writing exclusively for independent media. Her articles previously appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Oui Magazine, Orange Coast Magazine, the Long Beach Press Telegram, the Santa Monica Daily Press and other publications. She is the author of the groundbreaking expose, EXILE and two books of poetry. She resides abroad. You may follow Janet on Parler here @JanetPhelan. To support her work, please go to JanetPhelan.

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