Homeless Line Streets Due to Liberal Policies

May 12, 2023 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: All News Pipeline

Death Of America Shown In Videos And Images As The U.S. Looks Like Poverty Stricken Third World Countries With Tents And Garbage Lining The Streets


Streets of Portland, Oregon: USA


By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Look at the image above. A homeless person’s tent, surrounded by wooden borders with U.S.A. written on white, with the red dripping like blood, and a hand drawn American flag.

Out of all the images and videos shown in this piece, this one actually brought tears to my eyes.

This is right here in America.

Imagine waking up one day to find a homeless person, along with his or her tent and all his/her worldly goods, sleeping right outside your front door, right past the sidewalk, meaning you didn’t even have the right to remove them?

The image below is from Portland, Oregon, one of dozens found over at Daily Mail, and is exactly what families have to deal with. Streets lined with homeless camps. People sleeping in front of stores.

Homeless person’s tent in front of someone’s home

When people see homeless encampments, or tents lining the streets, on sidewalks, or anywhere else throughout a town and/or state, the first thought is usually drugs, alcohol or some type of addiction costing these people their families, homes and jobs.

That is one reason residents of Portland are so outraged at a new proposal to decriminalize these types of encampments and tents lining the streets.

It is not only Portland, Oregon though. Homelessness is “exploding” all across America.

While it sounds overtly political to say, since I am a conservative, the worst of the worst homelessness, are in states or cities run by liberals. Except border states/cities, because illegal immigrants are coming over Biden’s open border by the thousands per day, without enough housing for them.

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It is not just drug addicts living on the streets, or in homeless encampments, but others down on their luck, trying to dig themselves out of a hole in an economy that is volatile and offers no help in the process.

Take California for instance.

Recently Steve Quayle linked to a piece showing a two mile long vehicle encampment in California, “made up of people living in RVs, trucks and trailers.”

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A heartbreaking follow up on that story tells us who some of these people are, including a “business owner forced to sell his home, a single dad fired during pandemic, and a $19/hr worker saving for an apartment.”

Homeless residents lined up in vehicles along the road told DailyMail.com some were strung out on drugs, firing guns in the middle of the night, and setting their trailers on fire – while others were just down on their luck, working two jobs day and night to get back into safe housing.

Our next example showing how America is dying a slow and painful death, as we start looking like third world countries, comes from Washington state.

The most “liberal” hippie town in Washington, shows us how liberal policies, carry most of the responsibility for what we are watching happen to our country.

Bellingham, a town that once prided itself as the “most hippie” in Washington, has taken drastic action to outlaw drugs, after statewide decriminalization led to spiking crime and child overdose deaths.

The proudly liberal city of 92,000 has been pushed to its limit, with the fire department responding to 223 overdoses — 2.5 calls a day — between January and April 12, according to Cascadia Daily.

I’ll be honest here, I don’t care about the legalization of marijuana, there are some medical benefits, but there are no benefits from decriminalizing things like heroin or fentanyl, other than killing off as many people as possible.

The following paragraph from that article, shows us that they didn’t just decriminalize drugs in Bellingham, but they decriminalized people doing them right out in the open, in public!

City officials approved an ordinance on April 10, making it a crime to “inject, ingest or inhale” hard drugs in public — a departure from the state law passed two years ago that did the opposite and decriminalized drug possession.

Bellingham, like the other cities/states we have highlighted, also has their own homeless issue, with campers lining up on the streets.

Row of camper vans line a street in Bellingham, Wash., on May 4, 2023


Heading back to the most liberal state in America, Oakland, California, where Soros-backed DA Pamela Price, refuses to prosecute many criminals, we see reports showing chaos and mayhem ruling the streets.

You can watch the Twitter videos at ZeroHedge,  but a couple of quotes from Independent Journalist Michael Shellenberger, tells the story:

Oakland voters felt law enforcement was too strict and so last fall elected a progressive D.A. who has stopped enforcing many laws. The result is lawlessness, “sideshows,” and assaults carried out with impunity.


In this video you can see Oakland police casually filming the mayhem, which went on for hours. They aren’t to blame. Police are helpless to stop the criminal sideshows because @MayorShengThao & DA Pamela Price refuse to prosecute “nonviolent crimes”

Below is a news report about these “sideshows,” in Oakland, that “leave city streets resembling a war zone.”

It is not just ZeroHedge or ANP or other conservative Independent Media saying the Soros-backed DA is largely responsible for the war-zone-like atmosphere, but a California prosecutor quit after 26 years on the job, citing DA Price’s woke policies, and stating “victims deserve better.”

Danielle Hilton, who had been with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for nearly three decades, told embattled DA Pamela Price that she could no longer perform her duties in good conscience last week.

“Victims deserve better,” Hilton wrote, asserting Price’s radically progressive agenda has tipped the scales away from providing justice to those “devastated by violent crime.”

“I am not leaving because I want to,” Hilton wrote in the missive posted to Twitter. “In fact, I want nothing more than to be an African American woman continuing to serve the citizens of Alameda County in a fair, unbiased and professional manner.”

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A quote from a Washington Post article in 2020, reveals the differences seen regarding homelessness, between red state and blue state homelessness:

That said, data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development show that homelessness is, in fact, more prevalent in states that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. What’s more, states that voted for Trump — and, therefore, are often led by Republicans — have seen larger drops in their homeless populations.

We focus on liberally run cities and states, not because we are conservative, but because that is where the issue is the worst.



After seeing the videos above, and the ones over at ZeroHedge, one might be inclined to wonder how much worse it can get?

Washington Examiner, via MSN, answers that question in a piece titled “More liberal criminal justice reforms coming in 2023 despite increase in crime.”

“Progressive” liberals elected in 2022, have now taken offices across the nation, and are relaxing more criminal justice standards. This means the massive increases in crime over the past two years, is about to get worse.

• In Michigan, a law taking effect in the spring will allow convicted felons to have parts of their record automatically expunged after their release from prison.

• California’s law will automatically seal almost all criminal records four years after offenders complete their sentences, excluding some serious offenses, and clear all arrest records for offenders who were never convicted.

• In Hennepin County, Minnesota, where George Floyd’s murder in 2020 supercharged the progressive criminal justice reform movement, Mary Moriarty’s win this fall in the district attorney race suggested a new raft of liberal changes could be on the way for the jurisdiction.

• In Illinois, for example, various parts of the state are locked in a legal battle over a controversial policy that will effectively end cash bail on Jan. 1. Lawmakers moved last year to overhaul the bail system with the SAFE-T Act, which they amended further before Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) signed it into law this month in an effort to address activists’ concerns that cash bail disproportionately denies freedoms to low-income people.

Moving along, we see that Seattle axed 80 police force positions in the midst of a rampant increase of crime.

In December of 2022, Washington Examiner did a “Year in Review: Crime plagues big cities in 2022,” and without citing too much of the article, we do note the cities/states mentioned, which are; Philadelphia, New York City, Austin, Texas, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Portland.

What is the commonality? Each of the cities listed are run by Democrat mayors.

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In late April 2023, it was reported that murder rates have risen “10% across America’s liberal cities.”

Daily Mail reports that murder rates have shot up another 10 percent across 45 cities, with experts citing the cause of the increase due to soft-on-crime policies and the war on police, a recent study from WalletHub shows.


There is no doubt as to what is destroying America at an alarming pace, just as there is no doubt that if the videos and images shown across the internet of homeless encampment were published with no mention of where they were taken, many would think it was a third world country.

The main stream media is so busy focusing on getting Joe Biden reelected, they aren’t showing Americans what is happening to their country.

Why is it that the images come from a foreign outlet like Daily Mail, and the videos are uploaded by local news, or Independent videographers, but the MSM barely spares any ink on what is happening to America under the Biden regime and soft-on-crime policies by liberal city leaders?

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