Homeowners Must Pay Squatters’ Water, Electricity, Etc. or Face Prison

April 11, 2024 in News by RBN Staff



Source: IndependentSentinel.com




New York City homeowners spoke with CBS News to discuss what squatters have done to them. Some are now in debt after paying the squatters’ electricity and maintenance bills. Squatters turn into tenants after 30 days. Homeowners will be arrested if they turn off the water and electricity, change the locks, or try to evict them. They still have to pay any taxes or mortgage on the home.

This is tyranny.

Squatters know how to play the game.

“My tenants only pay me one month’s rent, and they know the game. They know after 30 days you cannot evict them,” said Hong Chen. He spent thousands of dollars to get the squatters out of his Maspeth home.

“They turned off the hot water and then reported that they had no hot water. It’s a $250 fine per day, up to $15,000 punishable by five years in jail,” said homeowner Susan Mascara. She used up her savings paying for seven years of upkeep on the Bayside home she inherited from her mother. “I’m in debt. My credit cards are pretty much maxed out.”

“I’m not getting any rent, and I’m paying the gas and electric every month,” said John Cochran, who’s using his pension money for expenses on the College Point home he hoped would provide retirement income.”

I’m surprised someone hasn’t gotten violent with these criminals. Hopefully, no one will. Now, we have a lot of deadbeat foreigners to add to this mess. The New York politicians haven’t taken care of this, and that’s a disgrace. Who needs politicians if they can’t even handle something as unfair as this? The squatters and thieves and criminals. Maybe that’s why they get preferential treatment. These New York politicians think criminals are the victims.

I remember the deadbeat who lived in a condo near my mother. She would joke about how she hadn’t paid rent for eight months and bragged she’d be there for three years and not pay a dime. That’s how it went.