How Evil Are the Public Schools?

May 5, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell


By Southern Catholic Mom

May 5, 2022


I have an urgent message to all parents:




Wake up, parents! YOU are 100% responsible 24/7 for the human you brought into the world, until he is at least 21, in my experience!

As to this important article,

I have several comments:

1) FEDERAL ZONES: places you the parent have no rights and no right to enter, including government school buildings, grounds, and offices. [1]

Your child, once placed into the care of the state and its agents, can act and be acted upon without any notification to you … including, but not limited to:

– ABUSE (Government schools in the US are the number one source for abuse of all kinds),

– SEXUAL GROOMING and instruction (What else should we call is “Sexual Education” in government schools?),

– MEDICAL GROOMING including, but not limited to injections and vaccinations, invasive medical exams, procedures of all types, etc.

– PSYCHOLOGICAL GROOMING and evaluations (yes, they do! See “Dossier” below),

– IDEALOGICAL GROOMING: transgendering, “Trans Closets”, homosexual teachers, activism in the classroom, political correctness, “history” classes, shaming of whites etc.

– ACCESS TO CONTRACEPTIVES (yes, most schools will get your child free birth control pills and more),

– and thousands of other actions against your child, done without your knowledge or consent.

2) MEDICAL AGE OF MAJORITY: In the US, the age at which your child can direct and control his medical care is thirteen (13). Hard to believe, but you the parent can be commanded to wait outside the examination room at the Minute Clinic as your child (unless he “dissents” and requests his parent to accompany him) goes for a routine sports physical. At age thirteen (13), your child is “adult” in his medical choices and can direct his own medical care, because the state and its agents (teachers, nurses, court clerks [aka judges], politicians, etc.) seek to separate the child and the family, to grow the state’s powers and destroy any competition or opposition to it. Unless you properly instruct your child by letting him know he can say “No” to an non-parental authority figure at anytime, that he can DEMAND to have his parent present at anytime, anywhere, then you are not parenting and protecting your child.

Above all, your child should know that HIS BODY BELONGS TO HIM, that NO ONE, ANYWHERE, can touch his person.

Also, no one should make him uncomfortable or force a choice under duress. Your child should be armed, when he is not with you, with responses like, “No.” and “Call my parent now,” “Do not touch me,” or “You make me uncomfortable”, and “I want to go home now.”

Now more than ever, your child must learn not to obey “authority” figures who try to stand in for his parents, an illegitimate stance, after all. A good person will always understand when a child wants his parent to be involved. Empower your child, if you send him out alone into the government federal zones!

3) ABORTION: Any girl can elect at age 13 (see MEDICAL AGE OF MAJORITY above) to receive an abortion WITHOUT her parent’s knowledge or consent, WITHOUT knowledge or consent of the baby’s father. Some states may vary in this framework, but the federal level is clearly pushing for the hard core abortion “rights” of children.

4) DOSSIER: Ask for the complete school record kept on your child. Transcripts of classes and grades are just a part of it.

But your child also has a DOSSIER, usually with years of teachers’ “observations” on your child’s “psychological” being and “behavior”, wherein any dolt of a teacher can post any comment she wishes, such as, “Conner talks too much and often interrupts our Kindergarten class. He might have [attention deficit disorder]. Perhaps he could be evaluated by the school psychologist [here comes the recommendation for prescription use] and be able to join my classroom in a calmer manner.” The teacher has good reason to expect no parent will ever see her comments, because all government school employees protect one another and now famously despise parents and do not tell parents what really is going on. There are cameras on is wherever we go, but no cameras are in the classrooms full of children. Who is watching the watchers?!

Chances are you didn’t even know such dossiers existed. Now you know. Go get it. Go to your government school district head office (superintendent or director office) and ask them to bring out the complete file on your child (or yourself, from your school days!). Then, ask them for a complete copy of all records. You can also demand records be corrected or have them removed from the child’s records altogether.

If you have any resistance or believe the schools have given you scant report, if you believe they have mischaracterized your child in the dossier, go to a lawyer and get him to draft a letter for you, requesting all information be transparently and immediately divulged, corrected, or removed. If that lawyer does poor work, he may have ties (does his wife work for the school system?), so know your lawyer, too.


1) Withdraw your children from government schools already.


Stay Vigilant!