How Herbicides are Killing Us: Dr. Seneff Part 1 of 2

April 20, 2016 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Many of you are justifiably concerned about the toxic effects of pesticides in our environment and in our foods since so many have proven harmful to us. While some have been banned, some persist in the U.S. though other countries have exercised more caution than us…than the U.S.!

Here is the first of two video interviews with Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT, who reveals how and why popular herbicides like RoundUp (and others) that contain glyphosate have a multiplier killing effect on creatures of planet earth.

The linkages between glyphosates and myriad chronic conditions are spelled out in both of these videos, some mentioned include:

  • Glyphosate and intestinal dysbiosis;
  • Glyphosate and autism;
  • Glyphosate and acute kidney disease;
  • Glyphosate and demineralization of bones and joints.


The very fact that glyphosate is over-used on our food crops liberally — and that glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic — should be enough to motivate everyone to rethink their food choices. However, this video delineates the many ways that human health is in jeopardy because of this omnipresent herbicide.

This (and next) video includes also Dr. Seneff’s presentation slides on glyphosates. There’s a great deal of compelling, detailed information herein. Part 2 is here:…

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