Hyphens Are The Evidence: White Liberals Are Haters and Bigots

October 28, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN


Exposing the True Haters; The True Bigots Are Leftists

African-American.   The term, if you understand the American-English language, means an American who came from Africa. It does not mean an American whose progenitors came from Africa. Example: If somebody comes to America, having been born in Africa, AND they become an American, then they are an American, but may logically be called an “African-American.” But, only people who like to divide people for the purpose of conquering them will call them such. To me, if you’re an American, you’re an American. That doesn’t mean you’re a good American, or a bad American, or a happy or unhappy American, but you’re an American.

So why do light-skinned liberals, (truly the most privileged people in America), insist upon classifying (qualifying, or, rather, disqualifying) other people, you know, darker-skinned people, by hyphenating them, such as “African-American,” when they are just as American as those light-skinned liberals? Here’s why.  Read carefully, because the liberals (leftists) are going to hate to be exposed as the bigots they are.

White liberal Americans do NOT like to be associated with darker-skinned people.

As they do not like to be associated with darker-skinned people, white liberals attempt to put as much space as possible between them and the darker-skinned Americans, and I don’t mean just physical space. I mean white liberals who are Americans, call “those darker people” by hyphenated nomenclature so as to make sure that the white liberal remains the supreme American.   African-Americans, Native-Americans, (they’re darker-skinned, too, you know), Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans are examples of how liberal bigots refer to people who just aren’t good enough to be plain old Americans.

Calling themselves something that they reserve for themselves and not others; it’s how the powerful haters have always separated themselves from the commoners, the great unwashed, the hoi-polloi, the proles, the “lower classes,” and those are just the lesser “white” people.

But they really want to be separated from the darker-skinned and, by Gaia, they’ll hyphenate them to do it.

Remember, Hyphens Are The Evidence of HATE.

And don’t get me started on why they want to flood our country with people who are not Americans, many of whom have no intention of becoming American in name or culture; the white liberals really hate them, but they make “useful idiot” tools.

Also, as evidence light-skinned liberals hate “Native-Americans,” just look how much effort they are putting into eradicating reminders of “Indian culture” in America. Liberal hate has been around for a long time: Sports teams can’t even be named for anything resembling “Native American culture,” such as the outcry that led to the “unpersoning” of the mascot of Marquette University in Wisconsin; they went from the awesome “Warriors” to the ok “Golden Eagles.”* Ironically, to eradicate “Indian culture” from America, the liberals will make claims of hatred and bigotry on the part of others.   Little do they know that we know that the hatred and bigotry is actually theirs, not ours.

Thank you for reading this,

Je suis Spike


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