Hypocrites to the Left of Me, Evil Even More Left Than That, Here I Am Wanting the Organic Constitution

August 22, 2015 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

What a bunch of hypocrites.

Forever, the so-called “right” has been chastising the mainstream media (leftist press) for attacking those on the right for the most small of transgressions, a minor faux pas, even failing to use politically correct speech and inartfully calling a spade a spade.

But the moment those hypocrites on the “right” get a chance to attack somebody who is merely showing the “right” to be failing their constituencies, the “right” attacks like the leftist press but with even more sanctimony.

Anybody who takes 60 minutes away from their Kardashian-time and investigates the life of John McCain — he the main driver of the anti-intellectual, anti-decency, anti-free-speech law known as (Bush)-McCain-DarthFeingold Campaign Finance Deform — will find a man who not only should never have been a Presidential nominee of any party, he should never have been a Senator.

So when some of Donald Trump’s supporters — asking only the law be upheld — were called “crazies” by McCain, Trump was understandably bothered.
McCain calling anybody crazy is already the pot calling the kettle black, but to expect that a man like Trump would allow his supporters to be called crazies without a little pushback is more than a bit naive.

Along comes a member of the mainstream press pressing Trump to worship McCain for withstanding the torture he is said to have endured during his time in captivity, obviously the press equivalence of push-polling, and the mainstream presstitute got just what he wanted; Trump inartfully attempted to dismiss the whole question about McCain and discuss a topic of his own choice.

I’m not defending what Trump said; he can do as he pleases in the matter whether that be defend, retract or attempt to change the conversation which is what I think he was trying to do, failing inartfully.

I just want to point out the hypocrisy of the so-called “alternative media” and the “right” jumping on Trump for his words and all but calling for his scalp and demanding mea culpa for failure to worship McCain.

About twenty years ago, one of the radio stations in my hometown hosted a rally of sorts for those who listened to their station when some in the mainstream, leftist press referred to those listeners in terms not inartful but mean-spirited.

The radio station claimed that, “we don’t care what they say about us,” but we’re not going to sit around and let them badmouth our listeners.
Sure, and now the hosts seem only a little bit concerned about the mainstream press attacking Trump because, well, he’s not really one of them.

This is just like Republican politicians calling Democrat politicians insincere blowhards.

Je Suis Spike