“I Have a Right to Wear a Shirt with Those Five Words, This Right is the First Amendment!” – Brave Student GOES OFF on School Board After School Sent Him Home for Wearing a Shirt that Said “There Are Only Two Genders” (VIDEO)

May 1, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit


Credit: YouTube / Middleborough Educational Television)

Middlesbrough, Massachusetts – A 12-year-old student went off on school board board members after his school sent him home because he refused to change his T-shirt that said, “There are only two genders.”

Twitter account LibsofTikTok first picked up his comments during the Middleborough School Committee meeting, which was held on April 13.

Fox News reported Sunday that Liam Morrison, a seventh-grader at Nichols Middle School in Middleborough, Massachusetts, revealed he was taken out of gym class on March 21. School staff who told him the reason he was removed from class was because the statement on his shirt made them feel unsafe.

Morrison went to tell the board that he would have to remove his shirt to come back to class. When he refused they called his father.

WATCH (Morrison speaks from 9:41-12:20):

Morrison then completely went off on the school board over the utter hypocrisy of him being targeted for a shirt stating a biological fact and leftist expressing their views at the school.

He also said no one complained to him about the shirt before the two adults found out.

have been told that my shirt was targeting a protected class. “Who is this protected class? Are their feelings more important than my rights?

I don’t complain when I see Pride flags and diversity posters hung throughout the school. Do you know why? Because others have a right to their beliefs, just as I do.

Not one person, staff or student, told me they were bothered by what I was wearing. Actually, just the opposite. Several kids told me they supported what I was wearing and that they wanted one to.

I was told that the shirt was a disruption to learning. No one got up and stormed out of class. No one burst into tears. I’m sure I would have noticed if they had

Morrison closed his speech with an epic flourish. He learned he had allies and that being older does not necessarily translate to having more wisdom.

The student ended by saying he has constitutional rights, like it or not.

I didn’t go to school to hurt feelings or cause trouble.

I have learned a lot from this experience. I learned that a lot of other students share my view. I learned that adults don’t always do the right thing or make the right decisions.

I know that I have a right to wear a shirt with those five words. Even at 12 years old, I have my own political opinions and I have a right to express those opinions. Even at school.

This right is called the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Morrison has a bright future in front of him provided he stays true to his beliefs.