If Any Out There Want Freedom, You will Have to Take It!

April 10, 2024 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

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April 10, 2024

“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.”

Bob Marley

As much as it might disturb some, I must say that the time has come for all good men to take their freedom from this heinous State that was created, and now run by, criminals, thieves, and murderers, and do so without reservation. This is not a call for violence or aggression, it is a call for self-defense against all who would attempt to control and exercise power over any individuals in the name of the State. When someone breaks into your home, threatening your family and property, the proper response is to defend yourself by any means necessary. This is no different than when any entity such as the State, does the same thing. Government steals your assets, creates hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ‘laws,’ all outside natural law parameters, and uses extreme threats and violence to enforce these bogus ‘laws,’ including incarceration or murder; all without any validity. That is an attack against you, and your only justifiable weapon against this aggression is self-defense, as petitioning the very aggressor for redress of threat or violence is a worthless effort.Seymour, JohnBest Price: $30.45Buy New $22.99(as of 04:55 UTC – Details)

We all live under the rule of the State; a government that falsely claims to have a right to rule, when no such right exists. Most might attempt to refute this statement, claiming the heinous Constitution gives government that right, a bogus assumption I might add, but since no government has any authority to make what it calls ‘laws,’ this belief is erroneous, for government had no authority to draft any constitution in the first place. Natural law and natural rights, those inherent to man, those based on natural justice, cannot be compromised, altered, or rewritten, unless due to tyrannical measures. Therefore, all so-called constitutions and ‘laws’ drafted by governments, are illegitimate and without honest authority. With that logical reasoning understood, it should be obvious that we do indeed live only in a state of tyranny, based on the concept of a totalitarian regime.

Arbitrary ‘laws’ cannot just be made up by a group of lowly politicians; they cannot be justified in any manner. No man or men have any right to rule over another, and therefore, no man or men have any right to delegate that non-existent authority. Claims of consent are ludicrous and completely idiotic, as not one individual has signed any specific contract to that effect, not 235 years ago, and certainly not today when all those perpetrating this fraud are long dead. None have agreed to live under the rule of another. Those ignorant enough to vote, are in fact consenting partially to the system, but that does nothing to satisfy any legitimacy of actual rule. All have a natural right to defend themselves against rule; this unquestioned if any consideration of natural law is respected.

Every single individual has the right to defend himself from aggression, whether by confrontation, by force, or any other means necessary, in order to protect his life, property, and liberty. Government on the other hand, has no right to even exist, unless all the individuals involved, every single one, and voluntarily, decide to consent to certain rules put forth in advance to only affect those who agree to the terms, with the common understanding that each has every right to leave at any time. This tenet is one of actual voluntary participation, not the greatly bastardized totalitarian system that has been foisted on all who exist, and are told that they have to consent or die.

It is imperative to understand that any act pursued by government, especially considering that this government falsely claims to ‘represent’ the people, could only be justified and accepted, if every individual could perform the identical act without facing any threat, aggression, fine, prosecution, incarceration, or violent attack, and caused no harm to another.

Do you have a right to go to your neighbor’s home and insist by ‘law’ that you are going to take (tax) their property and income to use in the way you see fit? Do you have any right to mandate the behavior of others, whether they agree or not? Do you have the right to restrict and regulate the business of others by force? Do you have any right to force all others in the entire country to suffer through wars you create on your own? Do you have any right to tell others what they can and cannot buy for their own needs? Do you have any right to forcibly demand of others what you believe or desire to be moral, regardless of the beliefs of those you choose to control? Do you have any right to declare a state of emergency for all others in the country, and close down commerce? Do you have any right to demand that every individual get a license from you, and pay extortion for it, to do any activity you deem necessary? Do you have any right to make arbitrary ‘laws’ that affect everyone based on your decision alone? Do you have any right to own and control the currency, and print whatever you desire for any purpose you want? Can you harm another, but make it illegal for them to harm you? Do you have a right to hire thugs to enforce your made-up ‘laws’, who can use deadly force to do so against all others? Hopefully, and I could go on with volumes here, you are beginning to grasp the atrocious and evil intent of government; that entity which claims all these bogus ‘rights,’ but disallows any and all of them to you. The State does all these things and much, much more, but if you do the same, you will be fined, jailed, or killed.

No government has any rights whatsoever, as all legitimate rights are natural, and reserved only for the individual, never the State. There was never once any authority whatsoever given to any falsely claiming to be ‘founders,’ to enact any constitution or ‘laws,’ that affect any other. No one has authority to make arbitrary rules for others to follow, no one can delegate that authority, and no one has authority to enforce those unfounded mandates.Sadowski, Robert A.Best Price: $26.62Buy New $17.00(as of 04:55 UTC – Details)

Apparently, you are now a slave, as you have given up all your natural rights and freedom in favor of being totally controlled by a bogus entity called the State; an organized criminal government made up of individuals no different than you, except that they intentionally desire to hold complete power over the entire population by intimidation based on violent oppression and forcible compliance. This is all without consent of the voluntarily enslaved.

Freedom is elusive at best, but can only exist in an environment based solely on respect for the natural rights of individuals adhering to natural law. This means that no aggression toward any other or their property can be accepted, that each has the right to defend himself by whatever means necessary, and in turn has the right to collectively organize in order to defend each other. What this means is that all States and governments are criminal, and cannot be allowed to stand so long as liberty is to exist.

Freedom comes at a price, and it is time to eliminate the biggest threat to humanity; that threat being government and rule. It is not some benign eclipse, fake ‘virus,’ fraudulent ‘climate change,’ phony racism rhetoric, or political party. Quit voting for a master, as choosing a ruler means only that you accept your own enslavement, and no scum in politics will ever save or protect you. We have the numbers, but the majority have had no will to be free. Without each individual acting en masse to shut down the power pyramid of government, expect only worse times ahead. Defend yourselves on every front from the real enemy that is the State, and better times will immediately begin to surface.

“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”

Emma Goldman