Illegals get $2200 but only $1400 for US Retirees

August 24, 2023 in News by RBN Staff






Biden Admin Giving Illegals $2,200 Per Month Welfare

Only $1,400 to US Retirees
For National Release: August 22, 2023

Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor’s interview with Tucker Carlson reveals many lies and deceptions aimed at the American public about the war in Ukraine and the Biden-Harris border disaster, where unprecedented numbers of illegals are flooding America with expectations for them to vote for Democrats in 2024.

The full video of the MacGregor-Carlson interview is available on Twitter (HERE), YouTube (HERE), and many other platforms.

While the interview focuses on the illegal war US elites are conducting against Russia in Ukraine, Colonel Macgregor mentions the invasion of America here at home, stating at 26:05 in the video…

“A person who works all his life and then tries to draw on social security can expect a monthly payment of probably $1,400 if they’re lucky. We hand every alleged asylum seeker illegal migrant pouring into the border in Texas… we hand them $2,200, and we put them on that 2200 dollar diet from there on out per month! Yet, somebody who works all his life… retires, and draws social security gets $1,400. The Afghans who were hanging on to the planes… they receive $2,200 per month.”

ALIPAC has isolated this clip and is launching the short version on social media at…

Illegals get $2200 but only $1400 for US Retirees (Youtube)
   • Illegals get $2200 but only $1400 for…   

Illegals get $2200, but only $1400 for US Retirees (Twitter)…

Illegals get $2200, but only $1400 for US Retirees (Facebook)

Tucker Carlson reprises this information near the end of the interview at 50.08 in the video, positing that Americans might ask, “I’m getting $1,400 bucks a month for in retirement that I paid into my entire life, and you just show up (illegally) from Congo and you are getting $2,200 bucks!?”

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