Immigration Watchdog: Biden Amnesty Bill Will Grant Citizenship To 37 MILLION People

March 8, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | NewsWars

Numbers USA says that a new bill, the US Citizenship Act, will allow 37 million illegal aliens to receive green cards and citizenship over 10 years. Labor intensive businesses support mass immigration because they want cheap labor while Democrats want votes.The Center for Immigration Studies stated Biden’s bill includes many new waivers and exemptions for criminal aliens. Heritage Action for America said that by giving green cards and citizenship to illegal immigrants, the bill would make them eligible for social welfare programs, which the country cannot afford. The estimated cost is trillions of dollars and will encourage more people to migrate here.

An immigration watchdog organization warned that Joe Biden’s radical immigration bill introduced to Congress would grant amnesty to 37 million illegal aliens — roughly the population of California.

NumbersUSA President Rosemary Jenks went on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” on Tuesday to explain how under the bill, called the U.S. Citizenship Act, 37 million illegals would receive green cards and citizenship over 10 years.

“The cost of that is the destruction of our country,” Jenks told Bannon. “We will lose our country.”

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