Income Taxes Replaced Tariffs to Screw the People and Destroy Millions for Profits

July 5, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Andrew Wallace

July 5, 2023

Tariffs financed a rapidly-growing and prosperous country…until they were replaced by Income Taxes, assisted by the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank in 1913.
Starting in 1913, we were on the road to hell, controlled by the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), wealthy billionaire families.

Millions lost their jobs without the protection of tariffs. We suffered a Great Depression due to Federal Reserve Bank actions, with the transfer of the people’s resources to the wealthy. Millions of people in foreign countries were killed, or lost everything, due to our wars- for-profit of the PSRRC. Our currency was debased from gold to fiat paper, promoting inflation and to finance wars-for-profit. Powers of the states were usurped by federal government to better steal peoples assets. Most laws (actions and expenditures) of federal government agencies are unconstitutional, as are Federal expenditures in states and for foreign aid. Schools, universities, and media have the primary function of brainwashing the public. Many (if not most) elections are fraudulent, and both parties in all three branches of government have been bribed. “We the People” no longer have representation in government and our Rights are not protected. We have a two-tier “justice” system, with “justice” only for the criminal bureaucrats and their minions. Millions of criminal invaders are being imported and supported at the expense of citizens, etc, etc, etc. Treason is found at every level of government.

Do I have to tell anyone that all of the preceding is unconstitutional-unlawful, and has been done contrary to the Supreme Law of the Land, our Constitution?

In other words, the criminals that did and are doing these things have no legal right to do them; they only have the barrels of many guns and control all three branches of government (the majority of which is fake).

Our ignorant ‘rulers’, the PSRRC, threaten the people with F-16s as if the people would confront the military directly.

Americans are armed to the teeth and would use guerrilla warfare on a massive scale if it came to that. No military has ever defeated a determined guerrilla force in the field.

Income taxes don’t benefit Americans…they only allow the PSRRC to wage no-win wars for profit, and manipulate the fiat dollar to enrich the PSRRC at the expense of the people.

Military flag officers have not won a war in 75 years, and not one war was fought to protect the vital security interests of the United States. The result of these ‘wars’ was that the PSRRC made a lot of money, millions of people were killed, and countries destroyed. These wars, like the Ukraine war, were ‘justified’ only by False Flag events and fake news (propaganda).

The truth about World War Two is now being revealed, revealing that we and our allies were at fault for starting it. Who is surprised by this?

Overwhelming proof of the preceding is contained in “America Has Suffered A Coup” by Paul Craig Roberts in on June 15, 2023. His article refers to research and writings by Ron Unz, David Irving, A.J.P Taylor and Harry Elmer Barnes. Read this and learn the real truth about WW Two.

It is imperative that you understand why tariffs are so important to our freedoms and prosperity.

They keep jobs in the country at the middle- income wage level, and they finance government. Income taxes only finance Communist activities by Government, corruption, and wars for profit, etc.

Our real enemy is the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), using fake government functions and authority to suck the blood from Americans!

Their dirty work is carried out by the ‘woke’ corporations and bribed officials in both parties in all three branches of government.

We have the greatest Constitution in history, but those in government do not follow it. They are ruling us with zero authority and raw power, the result of generations of mis-education and propaganda.

I pity those who live in the filth, degradation, and danger of the Democrat-controlled cities. But they could move away…

May God Bless You and Our Republic