Inconvenient Truths Not Approved By Al Gore

February 8, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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It was far hotter in the 1930s than it is today. But New York  city and Los Angeles were not flooded by melting polar ice back in 1939. High-temperature records for 23 of our 50 states date back to the decade of the 1930s, during the worst-ever U.S. droughts in the period termed the “dust bowl.” Two-thirds of state high-temperature records were set prior to 1960, countering claims that the recent decade was “the warmest ever.”


A dust storm approaches Stratford, Texas, in 1935.


According to official government data from the National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC), Arctic Sea Ice is once again GROWING, with current 2020 levels exceeding 8 out of the previous 10 years.

(The following are more truths Al Gore would deny.)

David Rothkopf was the Managing Director of Kissinger Associates back in the 1990s. He wrote the book Superclass in which he said that the world was run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. The Thirty Families are the New World Order. The NWO wants to replace the sovereign decision making authority of more than 100 nations with their Absolute Power. One World government would remove the facade of democracy.

Dr Luc Montagnier who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008 said covid-19 is a bioweapon and was made in a lab. It contains strands from the HIV virus. The Spike protein was engineered from SARS into Covid. This allows it to enter human cells. 4 new sequences were engineered into Covid from the HIV virus including the GP 41 envelope which is the key for HIV to infect human bodies.

The covid virus was made in a lab at the University of North Carolina. It was sent to Wuhan to a Chinese military lab to make it even more contagious. In 2014 NIH, Dr Fauci and President Obama gave the Chinese Communists a $3.7 million grant to make covid-19 more lethal than it was originally.

On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense, and his Comptroller, rabbi Dov Zakheim admitted on CBS News that $2.3 trillion went missing from DOD spending and could not be traced.

George W Bush told his allies in the summer of 2001 that he was going to invade Afghanistan. That was before 911. The Biden-Harris administration has said they will increase US troop levels in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria reversing the previous administration’s policy 0f withdrawal.

The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center had 47 central core steel columns and 236 perimeter columns for a total of 283. For the buildings to fall straight down at nearly free fall speed. All 283 connections from the columns to each of the 110 floors had to be cut within a second of each other. Keeping in mind open air fires cannot reach half of the temperature required to melt steel, how do you explain (2 X 110 X 283) 62,260 connections to steel girders in the two Towers all being severed simultaneously by an office fire? Isn’t that a definition of a controlled demolition?

There was a COMEX vault containing gold and silver bullion in the basement vault four levels down at WTC Tower 4. Were you aware that one billion dollars of gold and silver went missing from that supposedly secure vault the night before 911?

Indira Singh was working as a medic volunteer on 911 at a triage unit near Tower 7. Before noon she was told that her unit would have to move because Tower 7 was going to come down. Rudy Giuliani said he had to move his command center out of WTC 7 because the building was coming down. BBC went on the air before WTC 7 collapsed and announced mistakenly that it had already come down. There were a few fires on 3 of the 47 floors but they had been put out. The BBC later said they were told this by Reuters. Reuters was a Rothschild company at that time and subsequently bought Associated Press. How do you explain the prior knowledge of these people of WTC 7’s collapse?

Thermite was invented in 1893 in Germany. It has been used by welders for more than a 120 years to cut metal. Thermite has a metal oxide which increases the size of its flame by releasing oxygen. Sulfur, magnesium and aluminum can be added to increase the intensity of the burn. Nanothermite is available only from above top secret labs in the US and Israel. It’s fine milling and high surface area relative to its nanometer size volume allows it to reach a temperature of 5,200 degrees (2,871.11 Celsius) and burn through steel girders in seconds. It can be sprayed on to a target and be detonated later after it dries. Nanothermite flakes were found by multiple scientists and sent to different labs for testing. How do you explain the presence of nanothermite at the WTC? Do you honestly believe Osama bin Laden could have bought nanothermite from a top secret US or Israeli military site over the phone from his cave in Afghanistan using his American Express card?

In 2014 Secretary of State John Kerry gave Al Qaeda of Syria (Al Nusra) hundreds of trucks built to Special Forces specifications. The trucks were given by them to Al Qaeda of Iraq (ISIS) so they could invade Iraq and take the city of Mosul. The Iraqis had bought and paid for jets from the US which could have stopped the caravan of trucks but the DOD refused to deliver the A-10 Warthogs which had been paid for. Obama refused to bomb the convoy using American Navy and Air Force jets. Many Americans have been killed since the summer of 2014. Some Americans would call this behavior treasonous.

Dr Mark Skidmore showed from US government sources that $21 trillion went missing from HUD and DOD between 1998 and 2015.

Dr Mark Skidmore and others before him have said they believe that there are certain privileged people who are allowed to sell trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds and pocket that money allowing you to pay taxes  to cover the interest on that debt.

Because of the lockdown the economy was dead in the water all over the world. The Trump administration increased the US M1 Money Supply by 90% in 2020 to maintain the appearance of prosperity  The Biden-Harris administration plans to run a $4 trillion budget deficit for 2021. That could be even more in 2022 and beyond if there is a Depression. Or if the health of 40 million or so  of the soon to be 100 million Americans injected with Pfizer and Moderna experimental jabs are crippled by cytokine storms and autoimmune diseases. The Pfizer and Moderna experimental jabs are actually pathogen creators inside our bodies giving us MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ALS (Lou Gehhrig’s disease), Alzheimer’s and cancer.

I read a Corporate Media headline questioning why India had so many infected with covid but do not have so many deaths. My reply would be that the Indians are distributing a home covid pack with Ivermectin which cures covid-19 and kills bacteria plus zinc which kills viruses. Big Pharma prefers more expensive and less effective treatments.

Andalusia is a region in southern Spain. They reduced their covid death rate by 82% after distributing minimal doses of vitamin D-3. Epidemiological studies in Europe have shown an inverse correlation between D-3 blood levels and both covid deaths and hospitalizations.  A British MP asked why the UK does not hand out D-3. Indeed D-3 in a higher dose with Ivermectin could reduce the death rate by more than 90% which would be way below that of flu.

Might I point out that the population of Mexico was 28 million in 1950. Today it is 132 million and there are 34 million Mexican-Americans. In the past we made America to appear wealthier than it was by printing tens of trillion in I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes to buy free stuff from overseas.

Biden wants to grant citizenship to 22 or maybe even 32 million illegal aliens. He also wants to grant citizenship to everyone with a Green Card. Today illegal aliens are crossing the border, filing asylum claims. They are subsequently are released onto American soil. After getting citizenship 40 million New Americans could bring their spouses to the US and all their relatives. At that rate we could soon have a population of 400 million.

Dr Steve Keen has said we can predict the severity of a coming Depression by counting the number of Unpayable Debts each nation has. He predicts America and Britain will have harder times than anytime in the past 500 years. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. Because we no longer have a non-interest bearing currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks our money supply contracts when debts are either cancelled or paid off. Must I repeat that the coming Depression will, according to Dr Keen, be far more severe than 1933 America.

There were 123 million Americans in 1929. 3 million Americans died of starvation in the 1930s. Today with 210 million more people twenty to thirty million Americans could either starve to death or commit suicide. That is unless we are granted permission to change our banking system. Our ancestors starved to death because they did not have sufficient freedom of speech to demand monetary and banking reform.

Enter this “July 1, 1916 Worst day in British military history” into your favorite web search engine.Britain had 58,000 casualties on one day.  That did not have to happen. In Ferdinand Lundberg’s America’s 60 Families we were told that Mr Thomas Lamont, a business of associate of J P Morgan, addressed a business conference in Philadelphia in 1915 saying that WW I would be good for business.

By entering WW I America would make the war last long enough to bankrupt England and France.

Another reason for WW I to last beyond 1915 was to create Palestine as a Jewish colony.

And the third reason was to bankrupt Russia so the Communists could set up a violent dictatorship that eventually killed more than 60 million Russians.

German Generals in March of 1939 had offered to arrest Hitler if Britain would not declare war on them. But His Majesty’s Jewish Government had decided they wanted war. The Rothschild owned Bank of England had loaned Hitler 350 million pounds in 1935-36 so he could re-arm. The Japanese Emperor had been trying to surrender since 1936. That means that 58 million people died for no good reason after March of 1939 other than the fact that the Rothschilds like war.

The Jewish leaders complained in 1919 that Palestine did not include Lebanon. Israel dubbed its March 14, 1978 invasion of southern Lebanon “Operation Litani.” The Litani river is in Lebanon and has an average annual flow of 920 million cubic meters. By contrast, Israel shares the Jordan river with Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. Plus  the Jordan is a dirty river that is drying up.

I have been hearing a lot about systemic racism. I have my doubts. A black child with two parents and a library card will grow up to make more money than the average white person. The Black illegitimacy rate in 1919 was lower than that of whites. In the 1920s in New York the Black family formation rate was 80%. Even during the 1850s in the South Black slaves had a higher family formation rate than today. The Black family began to disintegrate when liberals decided it was a good idea to pay teenage girls to have illegitimate children. Today the Black illegitimacy rate is 75% and welfare is destroying white and Latino families as well.

It is possible for a logician to examine our behavior to reverse back to a guiding principle for our actions. I reason that white liberals do not believe a Black man should be the head of household for a Black family. In fact white liberals seem to be convinced that the rightful head of household for a Black family is a white female social worker.

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