Is The Fix In For Vice President Hillary Clinton?

January 20, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews


By Jeffery Dover

January 20, 2023

Is this the eve of the “historic” “first” Black and Female president of the United States?

With all the “polling” which has taken place suggesting that few people want Biden to run for a second term it is likely that the Establishment wants him out of office.  After all, the Establishment’s media pays for the polls, which by now we all know represent little other than a headline which the Establishment wanted out in the media.  They pay for “polls” to deliver that headline, which usually seeks to answer a question which no one was asking anyway.  That’s if, being media, you can believe that a poll was ever conducted.  Given their other lies and distortions, what reason do we have to believe it?  For that matter, how does one even reach someone to “poll” them these days, with all the cell phones, blocking, “Caller ID” and etc.?

At any rate, the media has been full of “go away Joe” stories now for months.  That’s no accident, redolent of the Cold War days when, if one wanted an idea of what was happening behind the scenes in Moscow, one read Pravda.  Those falling out of favor would usually first be scolded in that paper or on Vremya, the Soviet TV news station.  Is our Establishment media prepping us slowly for a power shift?

Now “classified” documents have been found in unsecure places, ostensibly placed there by President Biden.  Today, Attorney General Garland announced that he has appointed a “Special Prosecutor” – apparently a regular prosecutor won’t do – to investigate Biden for possession of these items.

The Dept. of Justice was notified of the documents found by Biden’s personal attorneys as they cleared out a former office used when Biden was Vice President.

Hold on…the president’s “personal attorneys” are blowing the whistle on him?  The evidence found in a “former” office he used as Vice President?  Has the office been vacant?  Could those documents have been planted there for his personal attorneys to “discover”? Now his own Attorney General has appointed a “special prosecutor”?  Something in this does not smell right at all, especially in view of the months of press and polls suggesting he’s on a banana peel for re-election.

Let’s say it all goes against Biden and he decides to resign his office.   He’s old, he’ll be pardoned, he’s wealthy and now he can do whatever he likes.  Kamala Harris then becomes the president. She has now to appoint a Vice President.  Could it be that her choice might be Hillary Clinton?

A bet against a Hillary Clinton Vice President appointment would be a very dicey bet, especially given what we know of Clinton’s thirst for power and so much written about how the Clintons do things to get what they want, and then protect it.  If that plays out pro forma, then it’s for sure that Clinton, not Harris, will run for president against whoever ends up being the GOP nominee in 2024.

As we saw in 2022, there are still substantial, serious problems with voting in US elections to the point where “mail-in balloting” is almost prima facia evidence of voter fraud.  Then there are the internet-capable voting machines.  Lastly, voting goes on for days, there’s ballot harvesting, and sketchy rules for voter ID depending on the state.  Could a DeSantis or Trump candidate prevail against Clinton and the machine behind her?  It would seem doubtful.  A person with as little ability as Biden already “defeated” former president Trump.

It remains to be seen whether or not Biden will step down.  Impeachment would seem unlikely, though perhaps it will be announced as a final inducement or face-saving excuse for him to bow out.  At the very least, it seems clear that all is not what it seems to be in this.  Democrats in power have little or no history of coming out against their own.  But then, Washington, DC has in recent years become the center of the world for smoke and mirrors.