Israeli Woman about Gaza: “We will bomb all the hospitals and kill them all…”

November 5, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

An Israeli woman, apparently sending her son off to the Israel-Hamas war, was interviewed by EURO News and told them “The only innocent people in Gaza right now are the 229 hostages that were taken.”  Then, she went farther.

She told EURO News “From the Jordan River, to the Middle East, that’s all ours.  It was promised to us.”

She went on to say “There’s no Palestinian nation; no one wants them.  So, why we?  Because we are “good?”  We finished to be good, three weeks ago.

Continuing in the interview, she told EURO News, “The only innocent people that are in Gaza now, are the 229 hostage that were taken.  Once they will go back to Israel, we will bomb; Shifa Hospital, all the hospitals, all the tunnels and kill them all.  It’s about time.

She wrapped-up her assessment by saying “The world knows that, there’s no argue about that.  We are the center of the world, now.”


THIS, is what “Israel” actually is. THIS is what the every-day, average, typical, “Israeli” is all about.