It’s Shameful What This State Did With 2,300 S&W 9MM Handguns

September 21, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

2nd Amendment Insider


Rather than refurbish and sell duty weapons and generate additional revenue, Honolulu Police opted to destroy the Smith & Wesson 9MM firearms the department used in the past. Approximately 2,300 S&W were turned in, as the department issued new Glock 17 (9MM) handguns to the police force.

In other areas in our great country, police departments will auction off guns in these instances as a chance to raise much needed revenue. However, it was felt that there was no need to have the turned in guns wind up in the hands of the general populace, where they might possibly be used in the commission of a crime.

HPD said it explored several alternatives — including donating some of the guns to law enforcement in American Samoa — but that in the end, the only remaining option was to destroy the guns, including 200 that were brand new and still in the box.

Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, Alan Gottlieb, pointed out that these guns were a valuable resource and that their destruction would not prevent criminals from obtaining guns. He also pointed out that the sale of these guns could have raised funds to purchase needed protective gear for officers, such as body armor.

The President of the Hawaii Rifle Association, Harvey Gerwig, stated in an open letter that Hawaii should be ashamed of not trusting its citizens to responsibly own guns, calling this destruction “senseless”.

It is a shame that such a valuable resource has been wasted by the Hawaiian governing body.