It’s Tax Day and you are getting scammed once again

April 18, 2016 in News by D

Millions of Americans are programmed to accumulate records, file an income tax form, and report their income in U.S. dollars by “Tax Day,” which this year, for reasons which make sense only to government functionaries, is April 18.

Americans pay their income taxes based on “self- assessment.” They believe that they are required to do this. They believe that what they pay to the IRS supports government expenses and is necessary to the federal budget process.

This scam is based on a fiction called the U.S. dollar. Everybody believes in the dollar, just as children believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. However, the dollar, just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, does not exist. The dollar is not a weight or substance of anything. It is a fiction. Not one person in a million understands this. As a result, millions and millions of Americans are victims of a scam based on pure fiction.

Every spring, just before tax filing time, the income tax scam gets media hype. The purpose of this is to intimidate the “taxpayers” into conformity. It’s a rehash of the annual April game, but it works.


Over the years I have read many books and publications by tax patriots. They all agree that the income tax is illegal, unconstitutional, and that 99 percent of Americans who file are not required to do so by the tax code itself or by any court rulings. I believe them.

Some of these people have done their homework and they have developed attacks upon the income tax system that have had limited success. Some of them have created masterpieces by using the IRS code, court rulings and case law to prove the illegality of the income tax. They have done equally well at proving that most people are “persons not required” to file an income tax form and pay a tax.

However, I caution here that there are far more failures than successes at fighting the income tax. It’s not that the deck is stacked against you when you enter the King’s Court. It’s that the King has all the cards, doesn’t share the rule book, interprets the rules in its own favor always, changes the rules whenever convenient, and owns all the judges.

How has such a disgraceful spoils system that produces a living for tens of thousands of government functionaries and tens of thousands of accountants and lawyers, while costing Americans millions and millions of hours of record keeping — to say nothing of the billions and billions of dollars in taxes on their labor — been allowed to go on for generations? The reason is that the income tax system is truly witchcraft and few will ever untangle the mystery.

I have never seen a tax patriot explain the reason why we have the income tax system. The income tax system is not a tax collecting system. Of course, I know how this sounds. Nevertheless, it is a true and accurate statement. I just said that it is witchcraft. You do not come here to read reinforced deceptions.

Now, I repeat: The income tax system and the IRS is not collecting taxes as income for the government. The only way for you to understand this statement is to understand what the dollar is.

The dollar is not substance, it is a fiction. Can the IRS be collecting fictions?

Since there are no dollars of anything, what is current as money? The 1966 Federal Reserve publication, “Keeping Our Money Healthy” gave us the answer in saying “our system works only with credit.”

The Fed publication “Modern Money Mechanics” elaborates:

Transaction deposits are the modern counterpart of bank notes. It was a small step from printing notes to making book entries crediting deposits of borrowers, which the borrowers in turn could “spend” by writing checks, thereby “printing” their own money.

There is the answer. Our money is credit; a belief system. Credit is not substance. It is a fiction or mental creation.

So what is the process called when you write a check to the IRS? One of the functions of the IRS is to regulate consumption. The IRS reduces the numbers of credit in your bank account by the amount or numbers that you put on your check. Naturally, this reduces your consumption. You have paid nothing to the government as taxes by this process. However, everyone thinks he or she has paid the government until they learn that the U.S. dollar is a fiction manipulated in the public mind with numbers.

This is not child’s play. It is a scam of monumental proportions based on the most sophisticated propaganda in the history of the world. It has deceived millions of people and cheated them out of their labor. It is as totalitarian and immoral as words can describe.

The income tax system:

  1. Is an information gathering system; a spy system.
  2. Regulates consumption as described above.
  3. Is a fraud created to cover a bigger fraud; the government gets everything for nothing. Why would the government need your taxes when it creates unlimited credit and “pays” it in exchange for goods and services? “If governments should refrain from regulation (taxation) the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud can be concealed no longer.” Quote by John Maynard Keynes, author ofEconomic Consequences Of The Peace, 1920.
  4. Is a socio-political system used to redistribute wealth. It takes from the producers and gives to the nonproducers. The bureaucrats identify with the nonproducers because they are themselves nonproducers.
  5. Commands loyalty to the system from an army of lawyers and accountants who parasite on “taxpayers.”
  6. Commands loyalty from the organized church who has worshipped the beast by incorporation and by receiving the privilege of “tax exemption.” What a disgrace before God! No wonder the church is deceived. A so-called tax exemption is a political privilege. This guarantees that the church is a political arm of the state.

The IRS is the enforcement political agency of the government. And it is used as a tool to intimidate and silence contrarian thought, as we learned from the IRS scandal in targeting conservative and Tea Party groups, and in many scandals prior to that. It is used to ensure conformity.

A democracy (another fiction) is in reality rule by an oligarchy (a few families and corporations) who use the election charade to hide a totalitarian government. Therefore, in a “democracy” there is the absolute requirement of political conformity. The fact that the IRS is a political agency to enforce political conformity is no longer secret.

When the IRS puts someone in jail, they do not go to jail for failure to “pay taxes.” They could not pay taxes if they wanted to because there is no substance as money. The IRS puts people in jail for not conforming politically.

The IRS uses the code words “tax protester” to tag any political dissident. People who are arrested and jailed by the IRS are political prisoners because they are unwilling to file information about themselves and swear to it “under penalty of perjury.” The giving of information, the testifying against one’s self or the confession of judgment on “tax” forms is all a political process and has nothing at all to do with paying taxes. The IRS is the American Gestapo, the state secret police. Herr Heinrich Himmler, head of the Nazi Gestapo, was a piker compared to the American IRS.

The IRS is a monument to the despotism and deception of propaganda that has turned this nation into a police state with all the appearance of benevolence.

Now my friends, the IRS agents who harass you may honestly believe that they are collecting taxes that you owe the government. They have no understanding whatsoever of what they are involved in. They also do not know that the dollar is a fiction and that it is impossible to collect fictions. They can reduce your numbers in your bank account, but this does not constitute payment of anything. There is no money going to Washington as taxes, not one penny.

The great entrapment system deceptively named the “Internal Revenue Service” has successfully deceived and intimidated millions of Americans. The income tax, the income tax code, and all supporting rulings are a fiction. The money creators created a fiction as money, and then they created another fiction to cover the fraud.

People believe that fictions are real and that fictions are the truth when they have only fictions in their minds.

 Conclusions: The IRS deception works simply because the American people have been programmed to believe in a fiction called the U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar cannot be measured by the five senses. Green strips of paper with numbers on them are not dollars. They are only symbols of dollars. But belief in the dollar as substance (not fiction) is so ingrained and widespread that it ranks with religion.

When Americans discover that the government and its symbiotic partner, The Federal Reserve, create credit in unlimited amounts, they will know that the idea of income taxes is nothing more than political subterfuge. They will know that federal budgets and national debts are fictions and diversions. They do not exist.

When the government creates credit and passes it into circulation in exchange for goods and services, it is stealing. It is exchanging non-substance — a fiction — for substance. It is theft on an unbelievable scale.

American politicians are involved with the cover-up of the world’s greatest fraud. They hold no congressional hearings on the truth of the Federal Reserve System and how “money” is created. I can think of no other name for this great deception except modern Mystery Babylon.

People have great fear and frustration in America because they are forced to be “politically correct.” Everything is measured by its “political correctness.” Political correctness is another code word for conformity.