Jerad Miller was Sent Home by the Bundy Ranch – The Truth the Media Isn’t Telling You

June 11, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Freedom Outpost

As the media piles on and attempts to connect Las Vegas shooter Jerad Miller, and his wife, to the Bundy Protesters, the facts are not coming out. By his own account Jerad Miller was asked to leave the Bundy Ranch. Even so, he was there long enough to get on camera with NBC News:

Though Jerad Miller was at the Bundy Ranch it does not mean they wanted him there.

Mother Jones, in an article titled The Chilling Anti-Government, Cliven Bundy-Loving Facebook Posts of the Alleged Las Vegas Shooters, exposes the truth in one screen shot.


The truth is that the Bundy faithful didn’t want anything to do with this “felon.” Just because he happened to be at the ranch it does not mean he was welcomed there. It is very possible that they saw him as a loose cannon. Either way, he was asked to leave.

The Las Vegas Sun reported on Jerad Miller’s felony history:

In 2007, Jerad Miller was in and out of jail after being charged with criminal recklessness, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. A judge eventually waiv

ed his jail time but ordered him to go to a diversion program.

Two years later, Miller was charged with battery in March 2009 but a jury found him not guilty at trial.

In 2010, Miller was arrested for three felony counts related to possession of controlled substances. The judge waived his jail time in 2011 and sentenced him to two years of probation and ordered to serve a year in a diversion program for substance abuse treatment.

Jerad Miller was a disturbed individual on many fronts. You might say he was a typical “angry young man.” Whether he was a current drug abuser may never be known but he is by no means symbolic of what the Patriot Movement is about. Please notice that in 2010 the charge was possession of controlled “substances.” That is the plural form and likely tells us that it was not just marijuana. In general, recreational marijuana users are not prone to violence.

How can the media lay blame at our feet for a guy who we didn’t want around in the first place?

Don’t let them lie to you America. Jerad Miller was not mentally stable and he committed a heinous crime in the murder of three innocent people. That fault is all his, and his wife’s, it does not rest on my shoulders, or yours.

The people at the Bundy Ranch stood for freedom. Jerad Miller stood for killing some random people and calling it a “revolution.”

If you think that is what the Patriot Movement is about then you have just not been paying attention.