Joe Biden Promises Pathway to Citizenship for 11 Million Illegal Aliens

March 4, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Notice that the number of illegals remains LOW.   For several years now the number has been stuck on 11 million illegals.  ???  No one else has come in?

Biden would lower that bar to a level that all illegals would immediately become legal citizens.  The flood gates would open.  A red carpet welcoming to all.   The Democrats would control all branches of government “FOREVER”.  The Globalists would rejoice.
America no more.
There would be 2 classes now.  The wealthy elites, and the EQUALLY poor.  The middle class, (now gone), would be slightly better off than the street poor.  Becoming dependents of the State, for Benefits and Subsidies.

At that point, someone needs to Lasso  Lady Liberty;  pull her out to sea.  Make a structural reef from her. She accomplished her mission.
We inherited the weak; the tired, and the poor.
America is dead.

– Steve Elkins


Source: Breitbart


Joe Biden promised a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens during his campaign rally on Super Tuesday in Los Angeles, CA.

After mixing up his wife and sister, promising to find cures for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer if elected president, and describing “climate change” as an “existential threat” to humanity, Joe Biden made his pledge to offer citizenship to illegal aliens.



As he did with his entire statement, Biden read his promise for a “pathway” to citizenship for illegal aliens off a teleprompter. He linked illegal aliens with first responders, teachers, construction and manufacturing workers.

“These are the people that build our bridges, repair our roads, keep our water safe, who teach our kids, look who race into burning buildings to protect other people, who grow our food, build our cars, pick up our garbage, our streets,” said Biden.

“Veterans, DREAMers, single moms, and by the way, every DREAMer, have hope because I’m coming and you’re not going anywhere. We’re going to provide a pathway, a pathway for 11 million citizens.”

During his address, Biden made a point to emphasize his winning of delegates from both Vermont and Massachusetts, given the two states being the homes of Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), respectively.

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