Joshua Brown, witness in Amber Guyger murder trial and neighbor of Botham Jean, shot to death in Dallas

October 6, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

By Amir Vera, Hollie Silverman, Holly Yan and Ashley Killough, CNN

Ten days after he testified in the murder trial of a former Dallas police officer, key witness Joshua Brown was gunned down at his apartment complex, attorney Lee Merritt said.

Brown lived across the hall from Botham Jean at Dallas’ South Side Flats apartments last year when officer Amber Guyger walked into Jean’s apartment, mistaking it for her own, and killed Jean.

Brown’s testimony during Guyger’s murder trial was key because he was able to describe the officer’s actions immediately after she killed their neighbor, a 26-year-old accountant.

Brown was killed Friday at his current home, the Atera Apartments, about five miles from his former complex where he, Guyger and Jean all lived.

Authorities have not said whether there’s any connection between Brown’s death and his testimony in Guyger’s trial, which ended last week.

What happened

Witnesses flagged down Dallas police officers around 10:30 p.m. local time Friday and directed them to Brown, who was lying in the parking lot of his apartment complex with multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

 Brown was taken Parkland Memorial Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Witnesses told police they heard several gunshots and saw a silver, four-dour sedan speed away from the parking lot.

But there are no detailed descriptions of the suspect.

Brown “was ambushed at his apartment complex as he got out of his car and (was) shot at close range,” Merritt wrote in a Facebook post Saturday night. Merritt represents the Jean family.

He said a medical examiner told him Brown had been shot in the mouth and chest. When contacted by CNN, the medical examiner’s office said it has “nothing to release at this time.”

The attorney said Brown’s mother asked him to “do whatever it takes to get to the bottom” of her son’s homicide.

“She suspects foul play, and it is difficult to rule it out,” Merritt wrote. “He had no known enemies. He worked for a living. He was not in the streets. We need answers. Immediately.”