Karma’s a B—h

December 14, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Lew Rockwell


Many of you intrepid souls will brave the federally controlled and therefore threatening skies these next weeks. Foremost among aviation’s dangers is the TSA. But as you run the Thieves and Sexual Assailants’ gauntlet, take heart: these pervs not only abuse one another—though only a smidgen as much as they do us, alas—, they also hate their accomplices almost as venomously as we do.

It’s old news that the TSA “consistently ranks among the worst government agencies for employee morale.” Observers attribute that malaise to poor leadership, unsatisfactory “conditions,” low pay or anything else that ignores the actual cause: empowering losers to grope us and rummage our most intimate belongings degrades all involved. Such jobs attract only the lowest of the low: predators who enjoy humiliating others, bullies who live to lord it over the wretches under their sway. Ergo, even if a relatively decent person decides he’s up for rifling his neighbor’s underwear, he does so in the company of monsters. Perhaps the TSA recruits a saint now and then, but he must quickly sink to the agency’s level—or admit his error and bail. Which, of course, only concentrates the scum.

It’s also old news that the agency persecutes anyone who squeals on its internal crimes and misdemeanors. (Intriguingly, the TSA’s offences against its own often grab the attention not only of Our Rulers but of the corporate media—the same demonic duo who shrug at its atrocities against us.) So the report the Washington Post published earlier this week, “He fought the TSA and lost. Now whistleblowers fear a ‘disgusting place’ will get even worse,” offers more of the usual. The agency festers as it has since Congress spawned it in 2001, despite myriad investigationsrecommendations from inspectors generaldog-and-pony-shows before Congressscores of alleged reforms, and passengers’ intense ire. Nothing ever changes at this open wound, and nothing ever will. Just as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird exterminated rather than negotiated with a rabid dog, so the TSA begs not for improvement but abolition.

Nonetheless, the WaPo’s newest in a very long line of articles about the TSA’s systemic dysfunction proves that what goes around comes around, even if its revolutions highly dilute it. How heartening!—especially for those enduring the gut-wrenching delays and gate-rape these deviants inflict on innocents heading home for Christmas. Yo, Mr. and Ms. Traveler spread-eagled in the porno-scanner, comfort yourselves that these thugs languish under miserable bosses. Not nearly as miserable as they deserve, unfortunately; still, the TSA’s honchos subject employees to the modern, Marxist equivalent of the rack: a “hostile work [sic] environment” replete with those twin tortures, sexism and racism.

Savor the juicy details: “One senior Transportation Security Administration official put pictures of topless women on his walls…” Apparently, this moron didn’t realize he can see the real thing at the checkpoints, where his underlings compel women to strip. Other “officials” “spread rumors about female employees’ sex lives,” while an “executive called a group of female workers a ‘harem.’”

Yet another “official,” one Russell Roberts, “directed three female employees to move his desk while he drank coffee and watched.” When a colleague remonstrated, “You need to move your own stuff,” Roberts quipped, “‘That’s what these b—-es are for.’” Silly Roberts! B—-es are for molesting passengers.

Said colleague also “contended” that the TSA demoted him for admonishing Roberts. But “other TSA executives testified that he hurt staff morale by demeaning subordinates for minor mistakes.” I hope but I doubt that he demeaned them as much as the TSA’s sadists demean passengers recovering from cancer.

Regarding Mr. Self-Righteous’ demotion, a lawyer for the TSA—I bet there are whole squadrons of ‘em—huffed, “TSA could not have a leader who was humiliating rather than motivating employees.” Why not? And how could they tell? Remember that these bureaucrats confuse gate-rape with protecting us; why shouldn’t they also mistake humiliation for motivation?

You’ll recall my earlier lament that none of these offences even begin to touch the TSA’s barbarities against passengers. Wouldn’t you, too, rather have the checkpoints’ brutes hollering, “Hey, B—h, you belong in a harem” than plunging their hands down your britches and up your shirt? Astounding, isn’t it, that in Progressive Amerika, the government’s goons may karate-chop a citizen’s groin with impunity, but commenting on a person’s sex is verboten. Perhaps commies haven’t heard that “Sticks and stones”—or the TSA’s “pat-downs”—”may break my bones/ but names will never hurt me.” Still, let’s take our victories where we can and rejoice that these miscreants suffer from a ”toxic culture in the agency’s headquarters….”

Naturally, “The TSA did not respond to requests to comment” from the WaPo, other than to issue the boilerplate it does on those rare occasions when the corporate media notes another of its endless sins: it pretended that it “holds its employees to the highest ethical standards and takes allegations of misconduct by its employees very seriously.” Was that a hearty and national guffaw I just heard?

Finally, one of the b—–s denounced the TSA as “really a disgusting place.” And “Dan Foerter, who was the office’s chief scientist”—Scientist? At the TSA? I’m not even going to speculate—agreed that the TSA was “the worst place I’ve ever worked…”

Hey, pal, it could have been way worse and always is for passengers.