Klaus Schwab: “Prepare for an Angrier World”

July 5, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

By Helena Glass
Helena-The Nationalist Voice

July 5, 2023

Klaus Schwab, “We must prepare for an angrier World.”   “Young people have a right to be angry.”   Klaus Schwab lives in Cologny Switzerland where the black immigrant population is – zero.   In fact the black population in Switzerland is under 1%.   The country in Europe with the largest immigrant black population is the UK followed by France.   Rioters tend to be emboldened when they see no true consequence.   The UK is next.

An Imam has provided contextual analysis that provides perspective.   While All Muslims are being held accountable as a result of the French Insurrection, these radicals are not coming from the Middle East, they are coming from Africa.   The men are not vetted, they have no employment skills, they don’t speak the language, they bring new diseases, and western governments are doing this in compliance with the WEF.

These radicals are brought into western countries wherein the white populations are told to assimilate.   We are all equal.   But these are the rejects from society.  Because the imported Muslim blacks just want to ‘kill people’. Contrary to our western elite media conglomerate, the vast majority of immigrants from Africa are men, young men. Young blooded angry men.

Dubai’s FM also confirmed the non-vetting argument – Muslims don’t go to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, because they would not be tolerated. Instead inane western governments invite them in without concern for the diseases being brought, the violence being brought, and the desire to live on welfare while pursing blond women with blue eyes.

Western nations do not quarantine the immigrants.  Their cultures are violence. We are taking in the worst of the worst for one purpose – to destroy ourselves.   We are to blame for this choice!   We – our governments.

Where did the Insurrectionists in France get their weapons, their guns?   Most French Police are not supplied with guns.  Their weapons include flash bombs, bobby sticks, stun grenades, tear gas and water canons.   When the French Nationalists showed up to fight for France with baseball bats.  The police tear gassed them!   Bobby sticks and baseball bats against AK’s – who wins?

Where did the weapon arsenal deployed by the young rioters come from?   The black market that was just infused this past year+ with American weapons sold by Ukraine on the black market. American weapons.   Over and over The Pentagon was told the weapons were sold on the black market.   So The Pentagon sent – more.

Macron has done absolutely nothing for six days – although he did go to an Elton John concert…   Why does Macron refuse to deploy the military?   Because, as Klaus Schwab stated, the young people have a right to be angry – just not in Switzerland.

Julian Assange, “…the goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war.”    That includes WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, etc…  He was speaking of Afghanistan in this quote, it is just as viable in response to Ukraine.   Zelenskyy the  ‘hero’  is Zelenskyy the man corrupt enough to sacrifice his people, his land, the resources and animals of Ukraine to this war agenda.   Blood.

While France is burning, the Klaus Hawks are cheering on playing a lyre… while gleefully planning their next assault.   On Syria. The Arab unification is a threat to the Mafia Cartel.   Instability is their only goal.   With Iran and Syria being welcomed back into a united Middle East, the CIA saw this as a provocation against NATO Power.   As a result, Russian intel states, “The US is preparing Syrian jihadists for possible chemical weapons attacks in order to derail Damascus’ diplomatic reengagement with other Arab nations.”

The media will claim that Assad ordered the attacks anticipating the Middle East is too ignorant to know the truth.

NATO countries are claiming they will spend $1.3 trillion on defense in 2023. Russia spending for 2023 will be $56 billion and China – $224 billion.   In 1948, Us Defense spending was $9 billion – adjusted for inflation, today that would account for $154 billion.   But the defense budget is over $880 billion.   WHY?   Because The Agenda required it.   The money was not actually spent on weapons or our military soldiers who live in squalor on pittance salaries – the money was diverted to NGO Think Tanks in Langley.

Ukraine is drying up. The sentiment has shifted and a new enemy must be created in order to justify raising the Defense Budget.    In a twist of fate will the governments turn against the props they employed to destroy?  Obviously the Klaus Schwab Cartel is NOT color friendly.   But they do know the adrenalin factor in your black and muslim rebels, the drug factor, the money factor is HIGH.

Local Police in France have declared, “This is NOT a Riot, they want to kill us!”

Italy’s new PM allowed 2500 illegal immigrants, 28 boatloads to come ashore in a 24 hour period – with an additional 500,000 waiting…  Is Italy next or London?

THIS is anarchy.   It is solicited by Klaus Schwab and approved by states and countries.   In the US we watched the BLM riots implode our major cities into this same anarchy.   Entire cities reduced to rubble.   Fires.   Businesses lost.   London is poised for the next civil war with an immigrant demographic reaching 40% of the population.

It was 64 AD when Rome burned.   Classic history claims Nero ordered the devastation while he shacked up in his villa in Antium 35 miles away.   Groups fighting inside the city claimed they were ordered to set fires.   Sound Familiar?   The riots lasted nine days.   When it was over, Nero blamed the Christians who thus became fodder for dogs and for crucifixion. Ultimately, reconstruction of the city was made possible thru increased ‘taxation’.

By all accounts, Nero was a tyrant, narcissistic, force of evil.  He had children through his slaves and consorts. Male offspring were sent to Greece, Spain and The Balkans.   The ones remaining in Italy are said to have settled in either Sicily or Calabria ~ home to the Mafia.

Destroy and reconstruct on the backs of The People. Nero’s methodology employed by the minions of Klaus Schwab.   Black Lives Matter – paid with US Taxpayer funds to destroy cities across the US.   The idea was to rebuild in the vein of Smart Urban 15 minute city prisons.   But Russia interfered with the plan.

Losing the war in Ukraine, NATO and the Cartel are humiliated.   And as Schwab reiterated – it is a much angrier world.   Importing fanatical rebels, the Cartel has ordered them to DESTROY.    To Rape.   To Murder.   Because Civil War is yet another coup for the Military Industrial Complex.