Lenny Pozner’s HONR Network: There is no honor among thieves

April 4, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


Source: JamesFetzer.org | By James Fetzer

Jim Fetzer

Among the techniques used for propaganda and disinformation are cloaking your covert activities as though they were beneficial or benign and citing other covert agents as though they were “independent sources” to confirm the actions of the perps as appropriate or desirable. In the latest video about the HONR Network, which the man who calls himself “Lenny Pozner” claims to have founded after the alleged Sandy Hook shooting on 14 December 2012, we have discovered that he obtained the domain name at least as early as 2005–and by some accounts, as early as 2001–and that the name “HONR” had nothing to do with Sandy Hook but with censoring the Internet via his “Hands On Network Resources”, which means that the HONR Network is as much of a fraud as “Lenny Pozner”, where he is milking Sandy Hook as a “cash cow”: So how is it possible that the HONR Network be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization “founded after the Sandy Hook massacre”?

Under the most charitable interpretation, “Lenny” had set up his Internet operation as early as 2005 and converted it into a “Sandy Hook Honor” entity in order to enable him et al. to further scam the public. We know that Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill where nobody died and that HONR Network thus represents an extension of the theft by deception perpetrated by the fake parents of the fictional children who are alleged to have died, where the twenty-six  (26) “surviving families” have split between $27,000,000 and $130,000,000 between themselves, which works out to between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000 per family for pretending to have lost a child or relative during a FEMA drill! How appropriate to observe, therefore, “There is no HONR among thieves!” If you have any doubt that this is an elaborate scam to fleece the public of its money, look:

I have become convinced that “Lenny Pozner” and his cohorts are running an operation to restrict the freedom of speech and freedom of the press of those who care about this nation, as “Lenny” himself does not. Frankly, the evidence for the latter has become simply overwhelming. As two other resourceful students have uncovered, the origin of to acronym, “HONR”, had nothing to do with Sandy Hook but arose from an Internet operation calling itself, “Hands On Network Resources”! So their image is as bogus as the Sandy Hook event, which was a FEMA mass casualty exercise involving children, for which we even have the manual. This reminds me of the phrase associated with P.T. Barnum, “There’s a sucker born every minute!” Here’s additional proof that HONR (2005) had nothing to do with Sandy Hook (2012), unless perhaps you believe in retro-causation (where a future event can affect the occurrence of an event long before it):

That phrase fits to a “t” the operation of “Lenny Pozner”, who appears to have been using the HONR Network as a base of operations to perform (what might most appropriately be characterized as) “cyber terrorism”, by attacking and taking down research by hundred upon hundreds of Americans who are doing their best to expose the staged shootings and fake events of Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, Orlando and Dallas, San Bernardino, Charlottesville, Parkland and more, which are being used as faux terrorism to promote the gun-control agenda of the liberal left and the Democrat Party. “Lenny” boasts of having succeeded no less than 10,000 times in removing “content items”, where a video would count as only one:over ten-thousand times! “Lenny” and his cohorts are deciding what Americans are able to view on the Internet and claiming that these gross violations of freedom of speech and of freedom of the press are in the public interest.

Other students of Sandy Hook have now ascertained that the articles of incorporation include “lenpoz@honr.com.” A historical DNS search shows that, in April 2008, the site was being hosted by “Newtownhost.com”, where Newtown is the city in which both the HONR Network is located (although it is a Florida corporation) and the Sandy Hook event took place: “It is our conclusion that the domain name “honr.com” was owned and operated by Leonard Pozner as early as 2008 and repurposed for the promotion of the HONR Network years later.” The deceit and deception of the Plaintiff in the (completely absurd) lawsuit brought in the name of “Leonard Pozner” by pretending that the HONR Network was created to protect the parents and the public from abuse by Sandy Hook skeptics could not be more cynical. And others featured in the video (above) appear to be in on the fraud:

That last name is a grabber, since Andy Parker is the purported father of Alison Parker, who is reported to have been killed in one of the most obviously staged shootings in US history. The alleged gunman, Vester Flanigan, walks toward the team of Alison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward, on a creaky wooden balcony, holds out his handgun, points it at them where they are supposed to be so intent on conducting there interview that they don’t see him, which would have been impossible. There is no blood from the shots and the purported victim, Alison Parker, actually runs away.

This is simply preposterous and prompts the fakery of the Boston bombing, where they used amputee actors: when you peer through the smoke, there are bodies lying there with missing arms and legs, but there is no blood. It’s a physiological impossibility for limbs to be blown off by explosives and for there to be no blood. Similarly, Alison cannot have been shot and there be no blood. I watched the full video at the time; it was completely fake, which is why they no longer make it available in full. You can still hear her voice screaming after she is already dead.

Not only does Andy Parker appear to be another (fake) parent of another (fake) victim, but by joining forces with the (fake) Sandy Hook parents, “Lenny Pozner” and his (allegedly) divorced ex-wife, Veronique de la Rosa, he is lending his expertise as a (fake) survivor to their all-too-real and aggressive promotion of gun control, which would adversely affect the safety of the American people with regard to their home and family security, their community or societal security and even–or especially!–the nation’s security! And having dealt with Hany Farid, who runs a lab at Dartmouth financed by the FBI, where I have published a half-dozen or more blogs exposing him as a fraud. Here’s one where Jim Marrs and I talk about the Oswald “backyard” photographs, which Farid claims to be authentic. Larry Rivera has now established that the body-double for Lee in those photographs was Roscoe White, a Dallas cop tied to the CIA:

FAKE NEWS: ISSUES OF IDENTITY (4/5/2018) Lee in the Doorway, Noah/Michael, Paul/Faul and Hillary’s use of body-doubles

Larry has done such brilliant work with superpositions that, when we discovered that “Noah Pozner” was a fiction made up out of photos of Michael Vabner as a child, I asked him to create a GIF showing “Noah” turning into Michael, which you can see above and in other publications and videos of mine on Sandy Hook.The bottom line appears to be that “Lenny Pozner” is running a scam on the public to make money hand-over-fist by using the staged events of Sandy Hook as his hook (not to make a pun), where he has enlisted the assistance of Andy Parker and (now) Hany Farid to promote the Sandy Hook fantasy and attack conspiracy research. Remember! He boasts of having taken down over 10,000 content items from the Internet, where one of my videos would count as only 1 item! This is a monstrous Deep State operation to deprive the public of its right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press and make a bundle in the process.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-founder of moonrockbooks.com