Live Blood Analysis Shows Nanobots Self Assembly

May 17, 2024 in News, Video by RBN Staff



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C19 Uninjected Blood – Darkfield Live Blood Analysis Up To 4000x Magnification Shows Nanobots Self Assembly Of Polymer Networks



C19 Uninjected Blood – Darkfield Live Blood Analysis Up To 4000x Magnification Shows Nanobots Self Assembly Of Polymer Networks by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

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I have shown similar images now for almost 3 years. As many videos and articles I can put out, in the hopes that at some point people will get it.

In the above image of 400x magnification many coalescing construction sites are seen that are building the polymer network using the blood as an energy source. Please click to enlarge the videos to full screen so you can see the tiny nanobots moving.

In the below image you can see many micellar construction sites creating a mesh network.

This is a 4000x magnification image of the contents of one construction site. You can see massive self replication of nano and microbots.




C19 Uninjected Blood – Darkfield Live Blood Analysis Up To 4000x Magnification Shows Nanobots Self Assembly Of Polymer Networks by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

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This is a video of what this looks like over a larger area – 200x magnfication. Note, if I can see all of this in one drop of blood, what is going on in 6 liters?

4000x magnification of one sphere shows moving nano and microbots:

More robots 4000x magnification:

2000x magnification below

Different individual, same method of self replication. Nano bots seen in all the spheres moving:

2000x magnficiation, all the smaller spheres contain robots, that will eventually grow to microscopically visible sizes:

Here are many tiny spheres that will self assemble to become big ones – all contain nanobots:


Greg Reese just did a great piece on this. I have written about Ray Kurzweil’s book here: Astonishing Darkfield Live Blood Footage Of Nano/Microrobots In C19 Unvaccinated Blood And What did Ray Kurzweil Say About Nanorobots And the Singularity?

I urge people to consider that NOBODY has a cure for uncontrolled self replication of nanotechnology, not even the experts who developed this. I personally think we need an EMP that knocks out our Grid and their pulsed microwave and 5 G weapons.

The technology is the antenna for their mind control and their plans to fuse humanity with machines. In my mind, the wars, the political horse and pony show with the upcoming elections and everything else going on in this insane world is a distraction from the most important issue of our times. That people have a ticking time bomb in their bodies and blood.

We only have mitigation strategies, doing the best we can to get the building blocks of the technology out while it is exponentially self replicating, building polymer clots and infesting our organs. Anybody that tells you they have the mitigation strategy that clears the blood, does not understand the technology. Uncontrolled self replication means just that – UNCONTROLLED exponential growth.

We need a worldwide uprising of humanity, tired of being poisoned and murdered by a psychopathic elite. People need to demand that poisoning our biosphere via geoengineering, poisoning us via food, water, vaccines, medications and the air we breathe has to stop. People need to understand this is war, and humanity is being depopulated. The weapons are already in everyones body. You either get in the fight, overthrow these insane monsters or you choose to be slow killed by a technology that everyone has in their bodies and they control via your smart devices and 5 G grid.

And they told you way ahead of time that they would roll this out. Deagle report estimates 200 million Americans dead by 2025. According to military whistleblower Celeste Solumn and NASA files no natural human will be alive by 2025.

You want me to say it nicer, and not create fear in the marketplace? You want me to give you the remedy? I do not know anyone who can. You want to complain and attack people who are trying to save a species if it is still savable? You think God will clean your blood?

I say, grow up. This is war and the clock is running out on all of humanity if people do not wake up now.

Watch this video from Greg Reese:

The Reese Report
Self-Replicating Nanobots Found in both the Vaxxed and UnVaxxed
For decades, Ray Kurzweil has been an unofficial spokesman for the trans-humanist movement. And in 2008 he said that humans would become infused with nano-robots which would vastly improve the human body. “If you go out even to 2045, that’s only, you know, four decades from now, most of our intelligence, of our civil… of our human civilization will be …

Listen now

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