LOGIC TEST: Are Americans Easily Fooled In Matters of Great Importance?

April 17, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN


Are Americans easily fooled in matters of great importance? Little importance? Well, are we easily fooled? I think that we’d better know the answer to this question if we are to navigate our way through this time of trouble in the world, particularly in America- Uncle Sam’s Trouble. And, don’t think that there aren’t powerful people who spent many hours and much treasure coming up with ways to fool us. They have thousands of years of knowledge to rely upon.


Here is a simple logic test I failed when I first heard it, (not read it), in fifth grade. I only mention the grade to indicate that it was more than 40 years ago: age and/or grade level has little to do with being fooled. Who is doing the fooling and how much you trust them matters greatly: The ability to see something clearly and reason clearly about it- an ability that the schools are removing, apparently by design, from their students, our children- is what matters.



Three men check into a hotel, sharing one room. They are told the cost is $30 for the one room.   They each pay ten dollars and go to their room. The cashier suddenly realizes that she made a mistake: The cost should have been $25, so she gives the bellhop $5 dollars and tells her to go refund the three men. As the bellhop is making her way to the room the men are in, she determines that 3 men splitting 5 dollars may be more trouble than it is worth so she determines to give them only 3 dollars and keep 2 dollars for herself.   The men are glad for their three dollars refund and she leaves with essentially a 2 dollar tip.


So, when we consider that the men each paid ten dollars originally and were refunded one dollar each, we see that each man paid 9 dollars.   The three of them paid $27 altogether, and the bellhop has $2 in her pocket. This totals $29 dollars, not $30. Where is the other dollar?


If you are confused, don’t feel surprised or stupid, this little test is designed to confuse you; it presents evidence in such a way as to lead you astray. In any event, you are certainly better at math than the following members of the self-proclaimed (implied) smartest people in the world who believe that YOU should give THEM the power to rule you: Mara Gay, New York Times Editorial Board Member; and “Lyin’ Brian” Williams (DumbAss-PMSNBC), who, along with many others behind the scenes at PMSNBC television who allowed these fools to highlight an idiot’s tweet, can’t divide 500,000,000 by 327,000,000, (same as 500 divided by 327), and get an answer remotely approaching accurate.

NOTE: Never believe somebody who calls himself/herself a journalist. Do as President Reagan suggests and VERIFY what they claim.


ANSWER: The question is designed to misdirect your thinking. In fact, when we tally the thirty dollars by considering where the actual, physical money* is at the end of the test, and not what was paid or refunded, we get the right answer. Twenty-five dollars is in the cash register of the hotel, three dollars are in the pockets of the men who were refunded one dollar each, and two dollars are in the pocket of the bellhop.   (25 register + 3 pockets + 2 bellhop = 30)

The lesson to take away from this simple little mind-bender is this: Even if you were not fooled in this case, we can all be fooled when we allow ourselves to be misdirected and led to look at something other than the salient considerations in a matter. Do not trust the journalists behind the curtain pulling at the levers to be bringing you all that you need to know during this corona virus crisis, or any other time. There are many other things happening that we need to consider which will be hidden from us by design.




The banks are getting the lion’s share of a “stimulus package” that they need in order to be saved from themselves, just as in 2008, and this proceeds all while you are led to focus on a paltry $1200 dollar check for you. Remember how mad Americans were that the banks were bailed out back then? Well, they sure weren’t going to do that without a ruse again, were they?   Of course the money that the government is going to give to you is money that you gave the crooks first- or that your children or grandchildren will give the crooks one day.


I suspect that anything coming from a hospital as a bill to the FEDGOV that says CORONA or COVID-19 on it will be paid without question, so I also suspect that every bill a hospital can write CORONA or COVID-19 on and send to the FEDGOV will be so marked. The looting of America proceeds at a furious pace as the cash cow, the American people, is nearly sucked dry of blood (money, wealth, liberty). The numbers in the matter of the corona virus crisis are certainly not accurate and we sure as hell shouldn’t trust journalists when they tell us that they are. If you were to trust Mara and Williams who miscalculated in their money evaluation above by a factor of about 500,000, then, if they claim that 1,000,000 Americans died, the actual death toll would be 2. I wonder what the actual number is.


Not that it means anything, of course, but there are two anagrams for corona virus that are interesting: virus or a con; and carnivorous.


God blessed America and we told him, no,

Je suis Spike


P.S. Do not presume that people evil enough to destroy America by some means, including by/during this panic, would not continue the destruction by other means if a primary subterfuge should fail. If President Trump prevails and we get out of this “crisis” apparently to be ok, do not be surprised if a sudden pandemic of epic proportions begins. And, yes, I am suggesting a purposeful release of something to harm or kill millions and millions of people whether biological, psychological, financial or outright warfare. (We have hundreds of thousands- maybe millions- of empty hospital beds right now, you know.)


  • Physical money = anonymity. You will lose anonymity in your spending and control of even the value of your “money” (credits) when money is no longer physical.