U.S. coronavirus death toll climbs to over 33,000 -Reuters tally

April 17, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Knowing very well that ALL government numbers are fudged.  Doctors around the country have been told to add any death they “BELIEVE” might be from CV19, to the total CV19 death toll.  How’s that for accuracy?  Fudging the data.  This violates scientific method data recording.
   Let me get this straight.  America shuts down for 33,000 deaths in a Population of 320 Million People, when the total number of flu deaths far surpasses CV19?  The CDC is silent; won’t comment on this rationale.  Silence equates to ignorance, and the continuance of their plan.  Logic falling on deaf ears. They push forward with MORE “Fear” propaganda, as their fire begins to flicker. More FEAR is needed to fuel this agenda.  They haven’t met all their objectives yet.  The SCAM of the Century. The Greatest Story Ever Sold To The American People.  The masterminds behind this plan must be very pleased.   Laughing…… all the way to the bank.  Their plan worked.  Surely they will do this again….. Soon…… Real Soon.
– Steve Elkins
Source: Reuters 

(Updates death toll)

By Lisa Shumaker

April 16 (Reuters) – U.S. coronavirus deaths rose above 33,000 on Thursday, according to a Reuters tally, even as President Donald Trump laid out White House guidelines for reopening the economy.

The United States is the world’s worst-affected country with fatalities doubling in just a week.

Deaths rose by nearly 2,200 on Thursday, with a few U.S. states yet to report, after a record single-day increase of 2,507 Wednesday.

Seven Northeastern states on Thursday extended a shutdown to contain the coronavirus outbreak until May 15. The extensions, and stay-at-home directives, came as Trump touted his plan for the least-affected states to reopen May 1 or sooner.

The shutdown has crushed the nation’s economy, sinking it to levels not seen since the Great Depression nearly a century ago as more than 20 million Americans have sought unemployment benefits after losing their paychecks from shuttered businesses and industries.

U.S. coronavirus cases totaled more than 665,000 on Thursday, up nearly 28,000. New cases rose by 30,000 on Wednesday, the biggest increase in five days, according to the Reuters tally.

(Writing by Lisa Shumaker; editing by Jonathan Oatis and Tom Brown)