Mainline and Catholic Churches Can End Zionist Wars

March 6, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


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An organized structure exists that can bring wars to an end. It is somewhere within the long forgotten, slumbering Mainline and Catholic churches. It is you whom we are speaking to. You possess the organization, money needed, and the purpose.  Some of your denominations already have anti-war movements. What you may lack is an understanding of Neo-Christian Zionism, and the will to face it. Simply stated, your leaders may not see the need to challenge World Zionism, and they want peace within your halls.  But is there a church that does not recognize Jesus’ Beatitude, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.”

Neo-Christian Zionism theology requires support for wars in the Middle East to protect Israel, based on its end times, theological beliefs that are at variance with traditional Christian doctrine. It, also appears to ignore one of Jesus’ teachings: “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:7

Neo-Christian Zionist churches are the root problem, often referred to as “Dispensational, and sometimes “Evangelical,” they are intellectual and spiritual captives of the world Zionist movement. Unfortunately, We Hold These Truths (WHTT) and our many silent allies have been unable to change them fast enough. Their mainline competitors can. Neo-Christian Zionists’ unscriptural position must be faced and challenged in the Christian marketplace. Neo-Christians are the only sect that claim to follow Jesus, but that accept the false premise that the Israeli State can march into God’s kingdom in mass, without first being converted to Christianity, without even believing in Jesus Christ. This is the essence of Christian Zionism. It makes Neo-Christians willing servants to Jewish Zionists’ war posture.

Fortunately, traditional Christian churches, including Catholics, have never accepted the anti-Christ idea that any ethnic group has a free passage to Heaven in mass. Only Neo-Christian Zionists believe and teach this. Jesus’ words, about those who knock first, then enter, and about doing the will of the Father in order to enter his kingdom, are clear and present in every New Testament book, starting with the fifth chapter of Matthew, and to the end. It is known by Traditional pastors in every Mainline sect.

By allowing themselves to be captured by the Zionist movement, thousands of dispensational churches have become apologists for continuous wars against the natural enemies of Zionism in the Middle East. They have been conditioned to fear and despise all Muslims. Because of this hatred for political Israel’s perceived enemies, it has becomes difficult to correct the thinking of a Neo-Christian Zionist, except slowly one by one.  Present exceptions that prove this rule include this author and many of our friends who were once dispensational trained.

Whole cultures and governments have already been destroyed by the combination of world Jewish Zionism with complicity of  American dispensational churches supporting a secular war movement that is clearly anti-Christian. “President D. W. Eisenhower named it when I was a boy, “The Military Industrial Complex” (MIC hereafter).  It lead us to wars in Korea and Vietnam. Its victims most lately include Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, and most recently Syria and Yemen. The number of innocent civilians killed in each of these countries is staggering.  I have witnessed some of this killings myself. Neo-Christian Zionists enable it by turning their heads from it, and pretending not to see.

We, for our part, need to discriminate between the victims and the accomplices. For instance, it is clear that Saudi Arabia, professing its own unique form of Islam called Wahhabism, is a bought-and-paid-for ally of Jewish Zionism, as is the mystery warring group called ISIS, waiting to divide up the Middle East oil after Syria, Iran and Yemen are destroyed and their people annihilated by starvation. 

The Jewish Zionists are threatening war upon Russia, which appears to be standing against the Jewish Zionist voice in America by supporting besieged Syria, Iran and Yemen. We Christians are passenger watching from the deck of the worlds most sophisticated propaganda and killing machine.  We are passengers, careening toward the next world war and with it financial ruin by the destruction of our money. We are now witnessing almost daily threats, back and forth between our government and Russia.  It is up to God’s natural peacemakers to demand and end to wars, and to take over the war ship we ride on. Only leadership is needed, and WHTT cannot provide it! 

All Christ Followers should know by now that we can never trust secular government to the task of peace.   All the fail-safe mechanisms of government, designed by our political forefathers to protect us from this evil force, have been taken over by a force hiding behind political chaos.  The result is certain, impending financial disaster for our Children if not in our time. Perhaps $70 trillion, or more, of public, private, corporate, and credit card and college debt now engulf Americans at all levels. We Christ Followers, who have the God-given task to rein in the war powers that thrive on debt, are among the victims.  We too are in debt!  US Treasury debt alone is some $21 trillion and the greatest part can be tied directly to the cost of 27 years of continuous war since 1991 in Iraq and Day 911. 

Is it not obvious that Americans cannot withstand the cost of upcoming Zionist wars, whose purpose is to bail out the debt amassed in the previous wars. We must address the economic cost, as well as a spiritual cost, and this is not being done by any Christ-Following groups I know of. Jesus and his followers had much to say about indebtedness! It is time we talk about it.

We Hold These Truths contribution can only be that of a catalyst. We do not have the years remaining nor resources to lead a giant movement, but God seems to have given us a purpose, and that is to help find the leader we need. We see this as coming through unnamed organizations that already exist within mainline, traditional Protestant and Catholic church organizations.

Are you there?  We must, with your help, discover leadership, and persuade it to take a strong, scriptural based public stand for peace, and, if we do this, God will do his part. Doing so will bring the end of Neo-Christian Zionism, a movement that has no God-given reason to exist. There is a cost for peace. We must only remind the Mainline (they already know) that God is on the side of peace and order.

Chuck Carlson

We Hold These Truths has been challenging Neo-Christian Zionism for over 15 years. Our awarding documentary, “Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part 1” challenges the deceptive theology of “Neo-Christian Zionism.”