Mark Levin Reverses Course: Count Me as ‘Never Trump’

April 11, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 09 Apr 2016 02:47 PM 

Image: Mark Levin Reverses Course: Count Me as 'Never Trump'

Just one day after conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin eviscerated people involved in the #NeverTrump movement as being “not conservatives” and “buffoons,” if they’d vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump,  he suddenly changed course on Friday and insisted that he is “not voting for Donald Trump. Period.”

Levin, who endorses Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination, said Friday that he changed his mind after former Trump staffer Roger Stone threatened to expose the hotel rooms of convention delegates switching their votes away from Trump, reports Politico.

Stone also said he plans to organize protests during the Cleveland convention against any attempts being made to “cheat” the New York billionaire out of the nomination through a contested convention.

“I want to congratulate Roger Stone,” Levin said Friday. “And if anybody has a problem with that Donald Trump, you can talk to Roger Stone. These bully dirty tricks Nixonian tactics, they’re only going to backfire. So count me as never Trump.”

He also complained about the “crap in the National Enquirer against Ted Cruz,” after the tabloid printed an article alleging the senator had had extramarital affairs with at least five women.

Stone, a veteran GOP political consultant who advised Trump early in his campaign, was quoted in the article as saying rumors of affairs have been “swirling around Cruz for some time,” leading Cruz to accuse Trump of being behind the article.


Levin said he made his decision because of the battery charges brought against Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, by former Breitbart News Reporter Michelle Fields, who says he grabbed her by the arm and bruised it.

“I mean, I can go right through the list, too much, too much, too much,” Levin said. “At some point, you’ve got to stand up to it.”

Levin also threatened to do his best to get Trump’s supporters to back away if they make him mad again.

“If they piss me off one more time, I’m going to urge millions and millions of you, should he get the nomination, not to vote for him either,” Levin said.