Mask Toxicity: Harm from Re-Breathing CO2 Includes Neuron Death & Learning Impairment, Stillbirths & Birth Defects

October 4, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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Not only does masking not work to stop the spread of COVID, but masking causes real harm to vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, children and adolescents. The harm caused by masking may be initiated even in just the first few moments of wearing a surgical, cloth or N95 mask. Children forced to wear masks are susceptible to irreversible neuron damage, neuron destruction, increased anxiety, impaired learning and memory; adolescents may experience testicular toxicity; pregnant women who wore masks had a higher rate of stillbirths, lower probability of viable fetuses and other problems. There was a 28% rise in stillbirths worldwide. Sweden had no mask mandates and there was no rise in stillbirths.


On March 3, 2023, a German team published an extensive review of MASKING during the COVID-19 pandemic that should put the final nail in the coffin of masking & mask mandates.

The Kisielinski Study

A German team, led by an Independent Surgeon in private practice, published a large review of MASK use during COVID-19 pandemic.

It has 172 references.

I will summarize key findings:

  • 4.5 billion people (58%) were confronted with a “mask obligation”
  • Fresh air has 0.04% CO2
  • Wearing masks more than 5 minutes: 1.4 to 3.2% CO2

Carbon Dioxide Re-breathing

  • Surgical mask after 30 min = 2.8-3.2% CO2 (U.Butz, 2005)
  • N95 after 1 min = 0.9% CO2 (T.Blad, 2020)
  • N95 after 5 min = 1.28% to 3.52% (Sinkule, 2013)
  • N95 after 60 min = 2.8-3.2% (Roberge, 2010)

Acute CO2 Toxicity:

  • 10 min of 2.5-3.5% CO2 increases cerebral blood flow by 100% = headaches
  • hyperventilation, metabolic changes (acidosis)

Chronic CO2 Toxicity (animal studies):

  • 0.3% CO2 – irreversible neuron damage, neuron destruction, increased anxiety, impaired learning and memory (rat studies)
  • 0.5% CO2 – testicular toxicity in adolescents (rat studies show diminished fertility in rat testes after one 4hr exposure at 2.5% CO2)
  • 0.8% CO2 – stillbirths (safety level set by US Navy for female submarine crew, due to rat studies showing fetal malformations, post implantation loss, lower probability of viable fetuses)

Other Findings:

  • N95 masks and surgical masks performed at their worst with coronavirus influenza virus particles (did ok with bigger bacterial sized particles) (source)
  • Children: Data on a total of 25 930 children wearing face masks for 270 min per day showed that 68% complained about discomfort. Side effects included irritability (60%), headache (53%), difficulty concentrating (50%), less happiness (49%), reluctance to go to school/kindergarten (44%), malaise (42%), impaired learning (38%) and drowsiness/fatigue (37%) (source)
  • Any mandatory masking of pregnant women in the real world exceeds the CO2 toxicity limit set by US Navy for female submarine crew


  • Are mask mandates responsible for 28% rise in stillbirths worldwide?
  • Italy: 3-fold increase in stillbirths during lockdown period Mar-May 2020 which included mask mandates
  • 42% of US female surgeons lost a pregnancy Nov.2020-Feb.2021
  • Sweden: no mask mandates, no increase in stillbirths
  • Mechanism: increased CO2 and acidity in blood trigger compensatory mechanisms that lead to calcifications in placenta
  • CO2 plays a role in oxidative stress which would impede fetal body development, lead to DNA mutations
  • CO2 can increase inflammation leading to an imbalanced immune response, procoagulant state and early pregnancy loss.
  • Some evidence that N95 mask use by pregnant women could result in their children having significantly reduced verbal, motor and overall cognitive performance (child neurodevelopment study in Rhode Island that had mask mandates). (source)

Children and Adolescents

  • children are not small adults
  • 0.3% CO2 exposure to adolescent brain neurons can cause neuronal destruction, anxiety and impaired learning and memory (Uysal, 2014)
  • 0.3% CO2 – neurons die off (apoptosis), especially under exercise or stress.
  • CO2 can destroy spermatid and Sertoli cells in testes
  • Damaging mechanism of CO2 in testes is oxidative stress, acidosis, increased inflammation and apoptosis.
  • CO2 toxicity to testes has been known for 60 years.

My Take…

This study ONLY looks at CO2 re-breathing toxicity.

As the authors write:

  • other noxious agents in the masks contribute to toxicological long-term effects like the inhalation of synthetic microfibers, carcinogenic compounds and volatile organic compounds could also play a role regarding our research question”

The animal studies are clear and this review summarizes them thoroughly.

Not only does masking not work on coronaviruses or influenza viruses, but masking causes real harm to vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, children and adolescents.

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