Massive Immigration Just Doesn’t Work

June 20, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By Frosty Wooldridge

June 19, 2023

Do you think massive, endless and unfettered legal and illegal immigration into America benefits our working poor, our housing, our inner-cities, our culture, our language, our resources, and/or our national ethos?  Do you see any benefits that will enhance America’s future as to water, energy and resources?  What about national cohesion as a unified people?  What about quality of life such as gridlocked traffic, horrific air pollution, paralyzed cities, accelerating crime and another dozen consequences?

What do you think it will be like in 2050 with an added 60 to 80 million more immigrants and their offspring?  Why won’t any of the top people on “Meet the Press”, “Face the Nation”, “60 Minutes”, “National Public Radio” or “Public Broadcasting Systems” interview anyone raising their voices as to what our entire civilization faces?

European writer Paul Watson said, “Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has acknowledged that “massive immigration just doesn’t work” as he announced changes to the country’s border control policy that would make it the strictest in the European Union.”

“Let me be clear: Massive immigration and poor integration just doesn’t work,” wrote Kristersson. “That is why we are now changing Sweden’s migration policy and making it the strictest in the EU.”…

“A ‘no’ to asylum means ‘no’ and you have to leave the country. That should be obvious, but it’s not,” said the PM. “Equally important, a ‘yes’ should mean that you really get involved in Swedish society.”

He added that up until now,  “There has been absolutely no expectation that anyone who comes to Sweden will really learn our language,” which is the “glue that binds us together.”

As we previously highlighted, even Kristersson’s predecessor, left-winger Magdalena Andersson, vowed to abolish ethnic ghettos, asserting that she didn’t want to see the emergence of “Somali-towns” in the Scandinavian country.  But in fact, those ghettos have formed and are now intractable.

Following ethnic riots that left over 100 police officers injured, Andersson warned that, “Segregation has gone so far that we have parallel societies in Sweden.”

Having been one of the safest countries in Europe 20 years ago before mass uncontrolled immigration, Sweden is now the continent’s second most dangerous in terms of gun crime behind only Croatia.  As a matter fact, 1 in 4 Swedish women faces being raped before her/their 30 birthdays.  Who does the raping?  Nearly 100 percent by immigrants from Africa and the Middle East with peaceful and gentle religion.

Wouldn’t that show you that incompatible cultures do not work when you toss them together?

Here in the United States, we suffer parallel societies in San Francisco with over 35,000 homeless drug addicts, mentally ill and totally uneducated derelicts.  Another 69,000 homeless destroy normal life in Los Angeles.  Wouldn’t that tell you something about parallel societies?

What about the weekly killing zone in Southside Chicago?  Isn’t that a  parallel society?

With over 25 million illegal alien migrants within the United States, and another 7 million added in the past 27 months of Joe Biden’s administration, wouldn’t they be considered a “parallel society” within our country?  Let’s face it…they cannot work legally in our country. They cannot live legally in our society. They cannot be Americans because they are outside the law.

What about those folks that shoplifted $94.1 billion in mercantile goods in 2022?  Is there any benefit to their operating within America and how does their “work” make America viable?  What if their numbers grew to double or even triple the shoplifting in our society as the number of third world migrants continues to grow by tens of millions?

What happens when we cannot find or engage any solutions that would bring those millions of people into the American Way of Life?  What happens when they “do not want to become Americans.”

Right now, in America, the American Reading Association reported that 45 million people are functionally illiterate.  They cannot and do not contribute to America. They leech off us.   What about the 300,000 “anchor babies” along with their mothers that pile into our welfare systems, housing systems, educational systems, free food systems, annually?  Are they not a “parallel society”?

“California is the state with the lowest adult literacy rate in 2023The lowest child literacy rate was in the state of New Mexico. The highest percentage of adults who are literate are in New Hampshire state. The U.S. government bears a cost of up to $2.2 trillion per year for low levels of literacy.”  (Source:

Notice that California houses the most illegal alien migrants along with their children in America.  They have trashed California’s school systems.  They’ve overwhelmed the “free meals” budgets, and they inundate the prisons.  To be blunt, much like Sweden, ”Massive immigration and poor integration just doesn’t work.”

What about the $150,000,000,000.00 (billion) in cash remittances sent  out of our country by immigrants who illegally work in our country for cash under the table…back to their own countries?  Isn’t that a “parallel society”?  They steal jobs from our working poor, don’t pay taxes and send your money out of the USA.  (Source:

What about all those Americans taking unemployment checks because they cannot obtain a job because of those illegal aliens working those jobs?  Isn’t that another form of a “parallel society”?

In other words, those elected House members and U.S. Senators supported, facilitated and augmented this massive invasion of our country.

What’s it going to be like when immigrants’ numbers overwhelm all of us, all of our communities and all of our lives?  What do you think will happen when our $31 trillion in national debt crashes around our ears?  Who will save us? What country can we flee toward?  In the end, what are we going to do with all that illiteracy, poverty, cultural chaos, and human misery burgeoning in all our cities?  Do you have any answers?

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